Group PLAT looking for DIAMOND before Season 3 End

I am currently plat 3, top of season was plat 1. Main hero is genji/soldier, looking for support especially. I want to get diamond before season ends (so we need to play in the weekend). No toxic/EU server
U can send me message iam friendly :). Discord: Sena#8175

hi i added u, sirin#3764 im a plat mercy/ana/kiri!!

sorry for just answaring now, i couldnt invite u. can u invite to Sena#8175?

Hi I’m a plat 1 tank trying to hit diamond as well. Mind if i add you too?:slight_smile:

Hi plat 2 here. Can play any support needed.

I’ll add you today!:slight_smile:

Im a support im not plat but gold 1 and been in plat in previous season im trying to get back and then to diamond but cant seem to find consistent teammates through mm. I know im slighly lower than you want but if theres a space i cant perform well TechNoir #21443

My gt is Zycaf#2719 ! Feel free to add me! I’m a main tank, can play everything though. I’m plat1 with tank:) I’ve already got 1 good healer, he mainly plays kiriko. So i’m looking for 1/2 good dps players and 1 good support player:)
I am EU console btw!:slight_smile: