Great Papa Jeff, why so forlorn?

But that’s just some places compared to all of Texas, on top of that, we get the extremities when it comes to any kind of climate. If it’s humid over here, I can get a drink of water by simply taking a deep breath.

Don’t tell me to swap off Widow,

Southern California gets the same. And I’d compare many cities to that of equal dryness to El Paso. Even Sierra blanca on the California Arizona border.

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He did look tired on the video. Jeff is such a nice person. I thank him for all the things he has done for this game. I wish him all the best.

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All my friends were raiders when we played WoW and the constant unneeded changes almost killed off raiding for a lot of people. It got frustrating to relearn your entire class every patch.


I do hope he gets better.

My thread on this topic (which had gotten over 100+ replies) just got stealth deleted. Although, it did have a few people in the thread arguing. So if that’s the reason it got deleted, i understand. Wish they gave us a reason on why the post got deleted.

Saw people on YouTube and Reddit saying he looked depressed, seems to be appearing to everyone

and now classes are same and you can pick any at any time and be a pro at everything.

He seems to have lost some hair due to stress.

If you’ve raided imagine relearning all your rotations, new gem you now need to slot in and what you new key sub stats are… every couple of months. Ignoring the fact the raids themselves were hated at the time.

Blizzard as a whole seems to be coming apart at the seems, and it would appear they over invested their future into WoW and now it’s declined to the point of pretty much no return. Thus classic: to inflate the sub numbers and get an influx of cash. All likely to go to mobile games.

As someone who lives in SoCal, it’s always like this around May and June. You just get used to it.

i don’t mind relearning stuff. Keeps things more interesting and less stale. I changed main every expansion.

But only if new result is not terribly worse than previous. BFA classes lost so much identity - Ion in last video said they’re gonna do something about that (if you will to belive this man)

I know all about June Gloom. I’ve lived in SoCal for 33 years. I love it here. I honestly hope the gloom lasts into July. It rarely happens though.

Yeah, it burns off around Independence Day. I love the occasional thunderstorm in the mountains :slight_smile:

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The thing is though, high end raiders hate having to redo everything. (especially when the next tier is a month from dropping) Gems aren’t cheap, neither is BoE gear for high end content. One friend had a good laugh at most people in his guild since he played Shaman (healer).

WoW as of right now needs to prepare for it’s end or some form of sequel. Item squishing has only made more problems and now they’re considering a level squish across the entire game. At least now that’s WoW’s on the decline the MMO genre is seeing growth in other games.

Or… age?

I want a dev update with a smily Jeff saying he is happy and healthy

I’m telling Jeff you called him old, have fun with your now banned account.

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Because he isn’t implementing stuff!!! Someone took his powers???

Someone hurt Jeff!!!

“Someones” name is Activision

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