Grav dragon is such a cool combo

If hanzo fires the projectile directly at Dvas defense matrix she will swallow the initial arrow and the dragons won’t be summoned


I meant “new Symmetra”. But also I wouldn’t use the arrow that close. Lunge back and then fire at them.

oh, it’s not her ult, Geoff said today that she can tele people out of grav with her new tele skill… or maybe she can tele the whole thing (grav + people?) not sure but he did say she can break it

Transcendence can heal through a Dragon Strike. If Hanzo is being damage boosted by Mercy when he uses his ultimate, Ana’s Biotic Grenade combined with Transcendence will heal through it.

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…? I’m unsure that would work. Isn’t it going to be placed in front of her, not on her? You have to move to the teleporter to use it and if you can’t move than you can’t get to it.

Apparently it’s both ways now, plus it has an input activation, meaning that she places it down and people kind of click on it? the description was very vague but he did give the example of breaking Zarya’s grav with it, here’s the post:

If your team play close enough to each other when there is Zarya and Hanzo, you should be punished. Moreover, they use 2 ult to kill your team which is fair enough.

2 ults, one of which has virtually no cooldown right now, to kill your entire team is fair? what planet do u live on?

Hanzo might be able to get his ult every fight but Zarya sure can’t, if Zarya’s had charge and it’s been a while it might be a bad idea to clump up.

Exactly, a Zarya with grav is SUPER obvious just by their sudden aggressiveness

I mean what is the problem about it. Dude replaced his scatter arrow, now this became a problem? They didn’t change Anything with Zarya, so what is the actual problem here?

That’s not why mass rez was removed. It was because of hide and rez.


Okay, so the problem with that is the Symmetra has to be outside of the Gravity Surge to do this. So…like…she can either help her team and get caught or go off on her own and pull her team out of it, assuming she doesn’t get killed by a flanker.

O great, turrets that can be spammed…Hey Mccree, why aren’t you headshotting the turrets as she throws them like Junkrat nades bro? That’s your job! F this game, it’s becoming a clown circus

hide and rez is still a thing so.

I know, it’s such a cool combo isn’t it? Jokes aside, hopefully it will be nerfed soon. Hanzo gets his ultimate way too often at the moment. Also if you run Reinhardt and Zarya then you have two ways to make use of Dragonstrike and more often :stuck_out_tongue:.

Oh no, you’re getting outplayed by the enemy team using one of the most predictable combos in the entire game.

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I mean its 2 ults that can be negated for the price of 1


I mean its superobvious when Zarya has or wants to ult, iam commonly watching my team getiing eating eaten by grav while sitting sad in the corner.

Sadly often my teammates dont listen when i say split, so they have their group party afterwards.

(Maybe its obvious to me only because i have over 100h on Zarya, i understand it can be frustrating)

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Sometimes not even one. Genji can deflect both dragon and grav, and can delete both dragon and grav.

Dm and deflect aren’t ultimates. :man_shrugging:

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