Grandmaster Question

If you are in the 4200s and higher. How much SR do you be winning and gaining on average?

I’m at 3948 SR and about 2-3 wins away from hitting it for the first time. I just want to know because I never been GM myself yet to know. I might go for Top 500 if I can continue to climb higher before the season ends. Only need to be over 4100s+

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I gathered a bunch of streamer data and analyzed it: 3000+ Skill Rating Data and Analysis (now including DCs)

Gains and losses are balanced (at 24) between 3000 and 4200, and then gains start to fall off and losses increase.


Interesting. I hope I can hit 4200s or higher. Will be playing my next matches in the next two days. Took a brief break because my last game had 4 toxic top 500s and I just left the chat despite the fact that we won the game.

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After 4200 I gain maybe 15-20 instead of 25. Then it just keeps going down from there.

Also you lose about 30.

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be sure to report them for ab chat so they get there accounts actioned and banned outright from playing the game because that’s the dev’s solution
to toxicity in voice chat

not actually record and monitor it like a real thing

but to have a abuseable report system
that has zero to do with voice chat as the game masters only have

hero selections and changes, disconnects, weather or not your ptt or open mic, and text chat logs

so please report those top 500 players for ab chat as much as you can so there accounts get outright banned from overwatch
cause account closure is now a thing due to (constant nagging about the report system not working)

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