Grandmaster junkrat main: these changes are not the right ones


Nah I don’t 1 trick I only play him when my team wants to form around him. Plus this is my first season I’ve even started playing him that much. I KNOW junkrat is OP I played with a guy who was a junkrat smurf and was telling me how he started off in bronze but after he started 1 tricking junkrat he got GM and occasionally into top 500. And he’s not even that great of a junkrat player he’s only a little above average in the plat matches we were playing


that is a lie, no one can go from bronze to GM without being good a bronze cant go from bronze to top500 you still have a bronze mindset and bronze positioning


Nah it’s true and to prove it I’ve made a smurf. Junkrat only, I’m a mid plat player but right now with 7/10 matches played in playing against high diamond/low masters. Junkrat is no skill spam rat. He’s way to good and is easily abused by low skill players.


What happened?


Nerf to projectile size and tire speed.


are you talking about these?


That’s actually a good thing? Don’t you think it was kind of stupid you got punished for going after the Junkrat by an instagib combo.




im not saying dont nerf him im saying nerf something different


No he doesn’t. If I a filthy plat player can destroy a diamond/masters team just spamming nades then junkrats op


His nades got boxes are HUGE. If genji are brigittes hit boxes are getting nerfed junkrats should too.


If I could I would TRY lowing the mine’s damage to 80 and remove it’s splash fall off. Keep the grenades as they are but add more audio and visual cues so players have more chance to react to rat spam.
If that doesn’t do the job then I would test out a new mechanic for Junkrat: the grenades travel even slower, but each bounce makes them faster. Or the bombs travel faster, but each bounce slows them down. This new mechanic would reward players for bouncing their grenades in skillful ways with new levels of spam and more opportunities to outplay other players, and punish players who do not learn to take advantage of grenade bouncing.


Junkrat needed these changes

You’ll be fine.


I mean ,there’s a huge difference between “bronze to gm” and “mid plat to high diamond”


I want to know what your SR was before the junk buffs.

  1. Because you need to rely on your team
  2. Because the enemies can counter you
  3. Because easy to play doesnt mean ez win

Good enough reasons for you?


Well it should impact the junkrats who can actually aim less than the no-aim heroes that are still effective.


i was 3200 on pc and 4100 on console


Then those “master” players have to be really REALLY stupid to die by a junkrat spamming granades. Not going to call bs on your story, just telling you may have faced the worst masters in the game.


So, it’s a bit clear you do not like Junkrat and you have a bias against him.

Which is cool. Take this coming from me - I despise Junkrat. I hate every aspect of his entire hero design.

The thing is, the patch notes are saying, “This should reduce the frustration” - which is the spam. The spam that causes 120 damage with direct hits. But what a lot of Junkrat players are saying, and what OP is implying, is that this isn’t addressing that. It’s not going to make him less-spammy…it’s going to make him more spammy because he’ll have to be more spammy to land more direct hits.

So it’s not addressing the core issue of his spam. It’s almost encouraging it.

Beyond that point, Junkrat does take skill. I get you’re mad, but come on…that’s SUCH an abhorrent statement. All heroes take skill, and a plat Junkrat shouldn’t win against a Diamond or Masters player because THOSE PLAYERS SHOULD KNOW HOW TO PICK STRONG COUNTERS. :smiley: