Grab your dynamite and get ready for a firefight—Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge is here!

Me spamming the update button for Crossplay but it still says there’s no update


Looks cool I guess, time to see people whine about having to play 9 games again oh boy!


Actually 27 games if their winrate is 0% :rofl:


Lmao even better! XD.

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Cross play is out by the way guys


New Ashe skin :smiley:
New B.O.B. skin :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Why does the skin kinda remind me of an epic skin? design ALMOST looks the same as the original one except some minor details here and there.

Even ashe gun looks the same… i mean yeah it’s a good skin still but i at least can’t see how this is a legendary skin???

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I was about to make the “so no crossplay? -throws phone-” joke BUT OOO BOY I’ll be checking out right now :eye: :lips: :eye:

When did Deadlocke Ashe get a mullet?

Also - bahahaha the console queue times just went from <5 mins for DPS with priority pass to <10 mins with priority pass for DPS and Support.

They’ve literally made the game unplayable :joy::rofl:

the video says its a legendary skin but the article says its an epic? so which is it

If only I could get it on my main…

WOW. now that is cool! (The Ashe thing).

I like this. I really do!

Also, HOW DO WE TURN OFF / ON X PLAY. So I am looking for the



For anyone that wants to get the Twitch Drops this needs to be highlighted:

  • You will no longer receive drop rewards automatically. You must instead claim the drop on the channel you’re watching or in the Drops Inventory menu on Twitch within the first 24 hours of earning it.
  • You will need to claim your first Twitch Drop reward BEFORE you can earn progress towards the second

this is the dumbest decision ive seen in a long while LOL


crossplay is live yo!

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It appears to have literally killed queue times for DPS and Support on console.

I already knew from the silhouette the hair would suck but it’s still disappointing.

i wasnt talking about crossplay, i was talking about

all of this

I’m on suicide watch right now from crossplay on PC, I have lost 8 games in a row, I dont want to keep playing with console players pls.