Got suspended because OW server dropped me

I was playing with friends, started having sync errors, rubberbanding, skill use delay, ect. Then I was kicked from my comp game and given a suspension. WTF I was on discord with no problems, yet your game screwed me. Why did this happen??? EDIT - ALSO LOST A LEVEL OF ENDORSEMENT THANKS BLIZZARD Give me my endorsement level back or I’m uninstalling this is bull.

Please don’t tell me you actually care about endorsement levels…


Wasn’t my point. Sorry you lost 50 sr and got suspended. But that wasn’t was I was talking about. I was talking about you threatening to uninstall a game because one of your “good boy” levels got removed.

Yeah flame the already irritate person who got screwed by blizzard netcode, good job, hope you got what you came for.

Your connection to Discord is only slightly related, because it’s going to use an entirely different route to reach their servers than the Blizzard servers. This would mean that the fault doesn’t fall on you or Blizzard, but the routing peers in the middle that your ISP has contracts with for directing your data.

Please take note of the pinned threads before making a new post :slight_smile: They won’t refund SR or endorsements, and they don’t even have a system in place to do that. Also, threats are unnecessary and don’t encourage resolutions for issues. You can re-earn the endorsements and the SR, as the system doesn’t penalize you that badly if you only leave a couple of times.

All that being said, this forum is only for troubleshooting, not providing feedback on the penalty system, which should be done in #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion. If you’e like to troubleshoot your connection, please add the WinMTR data requested in the pinned thread.

KK but you are literally no help byyyyyeeeee Like, I got screwed and your only statement is they don’t fix their own issues, thx.

There are no ongoing server issues, so if you were disconnected, this points to either a local problem or a problem between you and Blizzard. If you continue to disconnect, the penalties will become more steep and eventually become a permanent season ban. So if you’re still having trouble with your connection, don’t play modes that award SR.

I actually just got dropped by an error on overwatch’s side myself, came back and tried to rejoin…it wouldn’t connect to the server. I tried connecting to many other things - youtube, other games, etc, all working perfectly, just overwatch not receiving. Tried to connect to the overwatch forum - and it wouldn’t connect. So the problem was 100% in Blizzard’s side - every other website working perfectly.

Reboot my PC and come back, it shows me as ‘suspended’ and I can’t join a game. No, I don’t have any hacks, no, I’m not high enough ranked for anyone to be banning me, we were winning my first match in 4 after being teamed with complete garbage 3x straight… and sure enough, i get suspended for my trouble?

Seems legit.

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Also, is this why it doesn’t track your SR for the last few games? So they can penalize you hugely behind the scenes for no reason? :frowning:

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