Got OWL tokens, but no OWL Lifeweaver or Illari

So I’ve been watching the whole Playoffs from beginning to end & I got the tokens and OWL Reaper skin, but the Lifeweaver & Illari OWL skins are nowhere to be found in my hero collection.

Not sure if its not supposed to come at later time or there’s a problem now, as I obviously watched over 6 hours.

Those two skins you can earn by watching the Grand Finals, so far we only had play offs, which have their own rewards for watching, 15 hours total for all play off unlocks. The Grand Finals are on the last day, where you have to watch another 6 hours to unlock everything.

Ah, I though it was for Playoffs and the Grand Finals only gave out a spray & banner. A link show me the rewards in the wrong place.

Thank you for that. Was confused because how can Grand Finals last 6 hours? XD

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