Got kicked for afk during the map loading screen because the game start without me fully loading in

i think my last post got moved to competitive discussion for some reason, yes the problem occurred during comp yet this is a technical issue because its your end not mine to be clear do you have a system to prevent this scenario? yes it was a competitive match, since its the more looked upon game mode and major e-sport you would assume there is a system to prevent the match timer for starting until the every player loads in completely now i lost sr ive played for 3 years since beta i have 3 acc so when i post this im am more than certainly confident its with there not being a actual system in place for this occurrence and it going to end up as being said its my connectivity to the sever now then… why is there nothing done about fixing that problem if you are a e sport and a major competitive game simple mechanics should be ensuring the connections and download or rendering of the match before starting the timer shouldnt it not be? hence this is a technical issue and not just a competitive issue also at least responded before moving a post its rude also this is my first time ever on the forums

Failure to load into the game can be the result of a lagging connection (usually a problem between you and the game server). If this is happening frequently, avoid Competitive and try to run connection tests like a WinMTR test.

As always, leaving early in the game will cancel the match for the benefit of the remaining players. Penalties cannot be reversed (click here for info).

my questions were completely avoided i see or am i to assume that it was a no?, also you stated “always leaving early” but i am not leaving at all, the map simply hadn’t loaded so i would be stuck at a screen that says traveling to blizzard world for instance and i would just be stuck there but the match apparently begins anyways which is just wierd because even if it is my fault is it to complex to be able to implement said way of detecting unloaded players in the competitive scene and not start the match im not really mad about the penalty but more so the fact thats kind of a bad way of going about the issue i know alot of people already hate the blizzard teams sense of judgment but i have to side with that because your telling me that i should avoid a game mode that is the primary scene of the game because there wasnt a way to prevent a loss or penalty and i would frequently suffer because i couldnt load in as fast as other players.

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What should be prevented you having a loading issue? Yes, it does but that doesn’t mean the problem lies with Blizzard. If you seek technical support don’t immediately state the problem can’t possibly be on your end. Let the technical support figure this out based on evidence instead of just talk.

And if your connection is bad at times why should everyone else have to wait on you? You are asking 11 other players to wait on you while you load the game. I think that is a tad unfair and it will sooner or later make people not want you in their matches. Not to mention what happens if you happen to be backfill and the game takes a while to load for you? Should the match wait for this as well? If no, then there shouldn’t be an extra wait built in for someone who can’t load the game within 45 seconds before the match starts.

instead of just talk hmm lets see i posted a possible technical support issue yet instead of talk it some how end up in the competitive discussion forums idk how for starters “which is like being like uh no you’re wrong good bye”, if somehow i did posted it there i apologize but i got like a notification and then showed it was moved second yes the problem can be mine as i admitted in the reply BUT we are talking about competitive overwatch since once again overwatch is major for its comp which kinda cancels out the back filling part because the changes dont need to be made for qp since back filling would be an issue so sorry if i misled you with that, now yes all games are different but that doesnt mean you cant compare for instance league of legends keeps everyone at a loading screen untill everyone is at 100% then proceeds to begin the match, and they should because its more so not really you’re LAGGING the map simply wouldnt load fast but once you’re past that screen you run smoothly or in my case that what happens. As for why should you wait on “me” well you could be a strong player vital to the team, great in strategizing, boosting morals and more or less assisting your team its like saying why do i have to play with bad players when im better than them which im sure is a frequently ask question the blizzard team receives i can assume and out of it springs ideas of changes to the competitive scene now there is a option to avoid players yes thats a thing for even this case they added it just for that reason to if you dont like them “simply stated” avoid em

my laptop is so bad that it happens soooo often.
im completely used to this :persevere:

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in my case it rarely happens but its just like a render issue almost and you can say oh thats you fault your gpu is faulty or cheap etc cpu yada yada but its not a lagging or connection issue this rarely happens and for some people frequently; like ive said once in the actual game its 100% smooth and no problems this is a rare problem i have that i believe could be fixed by blizzard giving a helping hand and improving the competitive scene slightly for some people who have this issue but im shocked that game being as massive as it is there was no way of assisting the community already in this circumstance

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your issue is seen game wide since the patch I have been trying to prove all week that it is not the pcs or ISPs but Blizzard is having an issue.


I see I was replying to a multiple year old thread. Probably not facing the same issue technically speaking. Sorry for notifications.