Got banned from comp for [ failed to connect to server ]

Like the topic I got banned from failed to connect to server this happen to me twice now since OW2 opened. 2 season 2 permanent comp season ban
I would like to know if there’s anyway I can play comp again in this season, or is it no chance for me now.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Literally just happened to me…a few minutes ago. Playing ranked and got disconnected and then it reconnected back to the game server. Never lost internet, I’m now banned for the rest of the season… Wtf?


They don’t remove any of the penalties for disconnecting often.

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If its not a user issue why are they being punished?


I don’t have a ban problem but i can’t find any forums with my problem but anyway I won 7 games and for my last went 54 and 15 with junkrat and i deranked not rank stayed the same not ranked up but i deranked is this supposed to happen?

Reasoning detailed at the top of this forum:

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I have same problem and idk what to do
for unranked and arcade its ok but for competitive, in season 2 it crashed and failed to connect to server and I don’t even see my teammates or enemy team and get penalty and ban
I love ow2 comp but I have been banned for season 2 :upside_down_face:
(also its the same problem for my friends and we can’t play comp)


Unban me please I can even look away from the screen or I will get suspended fix it it way to short

Finally someone else has this stupid issue. Does it leave you in the Home Screen and the “game found” bar is frozen? And pressing rejoin match does nothing? It happens in comp AND quickplay and when it happens I cannot play overwatch for hours.


I’m not banned yet, but it might happen to me soon. I’ve been having problems with weird connection issues, only while playing overwatch2(no other games are effected that I’ve noticed). Didn’t have a single one til season 2 here. Today I played a game that I got booted from twice, but i wasn’t the only person that it was happening to in that game. It was both sides, everyone just kept typing in chat “what is going on?” It was a very odd game to say the least, where a different person would DC and come back 15-20seconds later and then repeated most of game.

Seems most people are ignoring the question you posed.
I have no idea if there is a way to get unbanned. Sorry I’m sure it sucks to get banned.

Leaver penalty is a bit one sided in my opinion. Be gone from a game for 10-15seconds and being gone for 2 or more minutes is the same penalty. There really should be different levels of leaver penalty depending on how long you were from the game.

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Seems like we don’t have the same problem then. I wish someone else would have this problem so they would stop ignoring it. I’ve made 2 posts and a ticket about it. They were all ignored.


So, the answer they have for the community is an 2018 post about leavers… Pretty hopeless considering we’re talking about a new version of this game, about 5 years later when complaints about server instability are flourishing here and on reddit.
I really dont mind for “lifting the ban penalty” but I’d love at least an acknowledgement from the responsible team about this problem.
We know that there are means for them to know if someone left out of rage ( clicked to leave) , if the player tried to return, if it was connection issues or server, they could communicate with the community about their efforts to fix it, to improve this system and so on, but right now seems they choose not to.
Welp… not me who is losing money, people will not waste money in an unstable game.


There is no way to remove the ban. Customer Support will not remove any penalties.

They haven’t changed their policy since Overwatch 1, so that’s why I provided that link. I don’t work at Blizzard.

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My suggestions would to check the routes that your game takes to reach their servers. Due:

Some folks in the past “blocked” certain IP to avoid being matched in some servers. If you did it in the past maybe it’s the time to disable it. When they introduced global servers, folks got more keen to do that kind of “pseudofix” even if they were advised to not do so.

Also, try to use another DNS values like open dns, google dns or cloudflare. Sometimes your ISP ones can lead to some problems. Similarly check if there are some conflicing software running on the device or on network.

If you can, you could try to narrow down with ethernet cable if you play over wifi.

I’m kinda scared. i’ve got the same problem when i keep being thrown out from the server and it only happens in competitive. before i get DC’ed, i have this red error icon in the left side of the screen for approximately 5 seconds. while this all happens, the game is smooth, i don’t encounter any lag or something like that. then you just get thrown from the game to the log in screen, you automatically log in back like nothing happened and you can reconnect. sometimes it is brutal, when you get DC’ed right in the start of the game and 10 seconds just isn’t enough to reconnect and you get suspended. stuff like that never happened back in OW1

UPDATE 31/12/2022: It stopped, that was just for a one day

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