Goodbye, overwatch (rant)


With every activity a person chooses to pursue, whether it be a sport, a card game, or a video game, one they must ask themself, “Is it worth it?” for instance, “Is the joy I’ll get from playing this 4th consecutive game of Magic the Gathering going to be worth the effort I put in?” I’ve been asking myself these questions lately about overwatch, and my answer is finally decided:

It’s not

It’s not worth jumping into competitive and getting mad at teammates who are hard-countered.
It’s not worth playing quick play and screaming because of the Brigittes in every game.
It’s not worth playing mystery heroes and getting put as a tank to feed the crowd control monsters on the enemy team.
I’m sick of it.

Crowd control in a first-person shooter sucks. Getting stunned means instant death 90% of the time because aiming at a still target is so easy. Shield bash, flashbang, sleep dart, all of those abilities shouldn’t be in a first-person shooter.

And another thing: the community is kind of awful. I couldn’t possibly count the times that something in the game (which is supposed to be fun) is causing me to not have fun, I bring up the issue, and I’m just told to ‘git gud’. I’m a casual gamer. I don’t have time to learn every tracer animation cancel. I don’t want to have to play something different every time someone on the enemy team switches. I want to play a game, have fun, and turn it off when I’m done. And if people think I don’t deserve that because I’m a low-skill player, then I don’t want to have anything to do with those people. They act like my worth is based on a number on the screen in front of me. The devs act like the pros are the only players that exist. They don’t really care about lower tiers because in everyone’s eyes, we just need to ‘git gud and stop whining’.

The design philosophy of ‘metas evolve over time’ is bull. I would much rather the game have diverse ways to play that are all viable at once. For example, Magic the Gathering, they straight-up BAN things that are too powerful for the sake of diversity. They can’t do that in overwatch, but still, the philosophy of “every hero will get spotlight eventually” is a croc of horse dung.

This game isn’t fun anymore. I keep thinking that “maybe it’ll be fun again next patch” but it doesn’t. It’s a cycle of bad meta after bad meta, and there’s no room for the casuals anymore. I’m tired of this. The developers were so busy trying to keep the game fresh that they forgot their number one rule, the rule behind the cancellation of Titan, the rule behind the creation of overwatch itself.

“It has to be fun.”

And with that, I bid farewell.

Edit: you know what? Screw that! I’m going to keep playing this game (even if less than before) and I’m going to keep making suggestions. Because dang it, I know this game can be better and I’m going to stay here and make it so.


ah, that’s unfortunate.


You do know Brig is getting nerfed really hard right? You may wanna check the PTR first.


What an oddly, ironically timed post.


I’m done waiting for the next patch, because every time the next patch is just as bad as the last one.


Literally an update to the PTR where they are nerfing several CC/stun abilities along with the developers saying they are going to cut back on their strength.

But hey, if ya don’t wanna play then don’t. Just don’t expect people to point out the honestly funny timing of your post.


Ah well that’s a different then. Good luck brother.

Its alright to leave when you are no longer having fun. Your sanity and enjoyment is more important.


you may want to look first

these are some meta changing nerfs, they change the entire way the game is played now.

The balancing of Overwatch

Lmao shoot (20 characters)


Come play Destiny 2.

We have giant Worms :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve always said that video games are supposed to be fun, and if you aren’t having fun then it’s time to stop. I wouldn’t recommend jumping to a sinking ship like Destiny 2, but maybe a new game will come out that you can get in on the ground floor and have good time.

Either way, luck to ya.


welp, two of the most annoying heroes this game has are going to be nerfed. Its something.


I’ll agree on the stun/cc aspect.

Personally, I’d prefer to be instagibbed over stunlocked.

It’s the same thing, but more honest.

If you think an instagib is unfair, well, then a stun probably is too.

A lot of the game is setup to reward unskillful players, and let them worm their way out of situations via composition (e.g. recomp).

Live recomping is the worst thing to exist in any game ever.

Ultimately, it’s a carebear-tier FPS which rewards composition and recomposition over skillful gameplay.

Never going to be balanced like something more rigid in its way like Counter-Strike (everyone’s 100HP with the same available equipment).

It fills the gap for me since WoW’s PvP is just absolutely atrocious lately, but I can’t see it being a mainstay for years and years like a more reliable, solid FPS because of the reasons OP mentioned and I’ve covered here.

Good times though!


Oh, you’re not wrong. I don’t know if I would use the ‘Carebear’ pejorative, but this most certainly a game with a very low skill ceiling. I love it, but at the same time I am under no illusion that I’m playing an arcade shooter like CounterStrike or a tactical shooter like ArmA.


“Play nice, play fair” is the most carebear mentality to gaming ever.

Authoritative drivel.

I absolutely intended the pejorative.


I know you intended the pejorative. I just think it’s a silly thing to use a pejorative over, being a video game and all. But, well, some people like to be angry.


Interesting choice of words.


Yeah, well, if you’re going to be angry about sportsmanship then you’re going to be angry about sportsmanship. You don’t get to punch then complain about being hit back.


You’re confusing criticism with anger (you seem to be looking for it).

EDIT: Back to the topic at hand? Maybe?

EDIT 2: This chump’s just looking for a fight…


Uh huh. Talk to me about sportsmanship again.