Good. They nerfed reaper and McCree

This was definitely needed in my opinion.

Buffs that lower a hero’s skill floor will only make the said hero stronger in lower ranks. In higher ranks does their buffs not affect them much or at all.

But I’m glad to see they buffed McCree other than buffing his FtH.

And about Reaper, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Reaper is a hero who should never be meta, just like Mei and Bastion. (Told you it was an unpopular opinion.) I do want him to be a viable hero.

What do you think of their changes?


Looking forward to the next few weeks/months of “OMG Nerf Junkrat he destroys lower ranks now” threads…

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That definitely could be the next complaint.

I also think Hanzo will be a target once Goats has been dealt with.

I won’t even notice the FTH nerf. McCree’s ult gets a buff! :sunglasses:

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mccree 5 damage mean literally nothing. Just less damage to tanks. Still 4 bullets for 200 hp and 3 for tracer.

I’m confused about this McCree buff:

What does this mean? Will he shoot faster when he is ulting?

Ramps to 500 damage at 2 seconds instead of later. Any damage at 1.5 sec or lower is unaffected.

Soldier 76 is also a fan favorite and he is also buffed. I want to believe he will keep Junkrat at bay.

Reaper will be even more garbage as he is , nothing new here

Yeah…you did say it was unpopular.

With the doubled damage ramp its a megabuff. I tried it on PTR.