Good start for Ana; Healing passive next?

Since the healing through full health teammates is a buff sure; it’s also still only a QoL buff

Seeing as every other healer can do that just as easily

So when do we get our healing passive on Ana? That’s the ONE thing she needs more than any other buffs


Well she’s getting more ammo





They listened to feedback.

But Ana’s Nano Boost needs to heal the target by like 150 or 250 instantly. I hate when I Nano someone and they get killed because their health was too low when I Nano them. While they are Nano, I try my best to heal them while they go to town with that Nano before it runs out.

Nano is wasted when the target is low health and gets killed by a few bullets. Or sometimes the teammate chickens out and runs away.


Well I don’t mind Nano not being amazing

Since it CAN combo and do lots; I’d rather they make her baseline as good as the other supports before they take her too far

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seems weird that , her nano doesn’t heal when shes you know… a HEALER

Only support that doesn’t get any benefit from their ult; one of her other weaknesses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Need a healing passive :smiley:

That mean they’r not against putting a heal in the Nano :slight_smile:
Another little change I would love is :

  • reduce a bit the reload time.

She’s the only healer who must reload and many time it can cause an ally death where with a Moira/Mercy (main healer) that will not happen.

I don’t ask to remove it, cuz it’s gonna be a strong buff, but just lower a bit the time it take to reload would be nice imo.

Also worth noting incase you’re unware:

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Oh thx, nice change then :slight_smile:

Geoff Goodman in the general form made a post pretty much saying this isn’t going to happen unfortunately. He said all heroes have there weakness and teams that run an Ana will likely run another healer.

My response to that is no they don’t I solo heal a majority of the time in comp which I why if I do I play Mercy and not Ana.

Also if they are supposed to have weaknesses that make them vulnerable what exactly is other healers weakness? They are not nearly as massive as Ana’s.

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That is ridiculous though?

Ana already has WAY more weaknesses than ANY other support in the game?

ALL of Ana’s utility can be negated; every single ability made pointless.

Mercy, Zen, and Brigitte can cover 30 metres of area so “Range healing” isn’t exactly a big boost on most maps. Plus that also puts her at a huge disadvantage from every other support if she’s staying super far away since they are all close range healers.

CC? As long as you don’t need to use it on the hordes of super mobile characters in the game. Oh and don’t forget 1 point of damage can negate that; same with ANY barrier. Also the fact it’s on a delay, and is a projectile.

Anti-heal? You mean the thing you NEVER see because Ana literally only uses her grenade on herself anymore?

Like I get it she needs weaknesses; but I thought the fact that her damage is low and unreliable, her ult is very easy to waste and offers Ana 0 protection unlike EVERY other support ult, the fact that she has to AIM her healing, the fact that ANY barrier can totally shut down her healing, and the fact her abilities are on longer cooldowns are enough weaknesses

These changes are literally just helping Ana catch up. She’s STILL going to be in a bad spot unless they nerf Moira which would be crazy seeing as Moira is pretty balanced as is.

If they want Ana to be the end all ranged support; then she needs either higher damage or some level of healing passive. Otherwise she just isn’t worth the effort to run.

Why would I pick up Ana, when I can play Mercy or Moira, and actually support my entire team rather than just support myself?

If I take 120 damage as Mercy; I just hide for a second and regenerate health
If I take 120 damage as Moira; I attack people or use biotic orb
If I take 120 damage as Brigitte; I attack people or use my barrier to protect myself
If I take 120 damage as Zen; I hide for 3 seconds to recharge my shields
If I take 120 damage as Lucio; I swap to healing, could amp it up, or play safer
If I take 120 damage as Ana; I use my Grenade, still down 20 hp

Ana is the MOST greedy support; and for someone who’s ENTIRE character is based on protecting people, it seems weird that she’s the only support who needs more protecting than any other.

Like; if she healed 5 hp for healing a hurt target; That would be amazing and perfect. It’s not amazing, but it’s just SOMETHING to help keep Ana more level with the other supports.


Guess this is it for now sadly; had high hopes the Balance team would actually open their eyes for once.

Here’s hoping that in another year they actually give Ana a buff that isn’t just catch up

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A self heal is needed urgently in this DPS-watch. Everything does huge damage, even the supports. Getting hit by random Moira orb and losing 50% of your life, then using nade on yourself followed by a random Junk nade is frustrating. Compared to other healers this is a joke. Way to weak.

I think Blizzard still has this crazy idea of a long range sniper Ana, who isn’t in danger anyways.

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Like I mentioned on another thread

I love the contradiction:

this gives you certain advantages such as being able to be healed from very long range

A team may opt to run Brigitte or Lucio with Ana to help peel attackers off of her, for example.

How do you peel or protect Ana if you want to utilize her long range?

You could argue that long range healing is so strong it needs a big downside. Being a free kill (yeah you can land a sleepdart but come on how comon is it?) is too much

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Honestly I feel she should get a 5 to 10 health when she damages or heals someone with a shot. Or a 3 seconds hot that heals her for 5 to 10 health per tick after successfully doing damage or healing a target.

Secondly I feel she needs some vertical mobility. I have seen a few suggestions for this, however the easiest IMO is just to give her a wall climb. Similar to Hanzo, as honestly how often is scaling a wall mid fight going to save you. It however opens up new vantage points and sight lines for her Healing and damage potential. Which would also offer a second option for blocked shots, not just blocked by allies but by terrain.

That’s very much open to debate. The loss of pre-healing for her is enormous - now she’s a purely reactive healer. Not sure I’ll be playing her much anymore if this isn’t at least made an option instead of a base mechanic.

Pretty much this

They think she can work like Widowmaker

Without the damage that Widowmaker can pump out, or the safety that Widowmaker can create for herself with her mine and her hook.

Think about it; When you scope in, you lose a lot of your personal space and angle of view. You only see a smaller portion of the screen.

Widowmaker can negate some of that with her mine being a trigger warning if someone is trying to get closer, as well as her hook to close the gap to her teammates/ supports.

Ana is a 100% medium range hero; there’s pretty much no other way to play her with the kit she has. Which then means she either needs higher damage (Like she used to have) OR some way to self sustain that ISN’T taking away from her role as support.

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