Good Morning everyone


sips my hot cocoa How is everyone’s morning? Good? Planning any games today in Overwatch?

:basketball_man: :basketball_woman:

If next season we get only Baptiste and no big update or second hero

It’s already the afternoon in my country, I’m with my second coffee :coffee::coffee:

I will play tonight on Paris and then some comp, I hope we’ll get a clue for our next hero too!
How is your morning?


good, had a burrito, found out my s key is funky, and i had some cranpineapple juice, so good


my eyes burn…


Let’s do this people👏


Morning. Planning on digging into Wrecking Ball and whoever else is on the bottom of my “time spent” list.


Hey… Jelly… I could edit his post… that is weird.


well i hope you have some fun with that


oh because i made it a wiki, anyone can edit a wiki…basically anyone


Hey man, I’m sorry I edited your post, I can’t work out for the life of me why I can do it at all.


Ah, thanks!

I have reverted my edit.

I didn’t even know it was a thing.



I find when I know and use more heroes, I get more enjoyment overall because I can still swim in the whirlpool of nerfs and buffs.


well thats good and if i misspell something my cat is hitting my keyboard


Hey my friend😂

Good to see you


It is good to see you as well :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed you have been a bit more grim lately around the state of the game. I’m pretty hopeful the next hero will do a lot to help it out.

In the mean time, I’m playing a lot of '76 and Anthem, so I’m a happy person :slight_smile:

What else are you playing?


Same, anthem has been great. Also been playing metro👏

But yes I have been more Grim, Jam wanted a turn to beat into this game😂


Oh, how has Metro been? I liked it when it first came out. It gave me a hell gate London vibe (a game with so much wasted potential sadly)

But, I love the ascetic of it.

I’ve been rocking a storm in Anthem, got some masterwork items, and my first legendary.

It is a lot of fun.


It’s been excellent, amazing❤️

Graphics are pushing the envelope👏


I’ll go pick it up them :slight_smile:

I won’t be playing it for a bit, but I’ll have it as my “I’m bored and want to try something else” game.


Haha good choice, very good😄