Good job you pushed another boring shield meta

can you just admit meta doesnt matter at this point. there is not one meta where ppl weren’t complaining. just play the game because not everyone will play in a meta they enjoy.

From the few streams I’ve watched of chips

  1. He wants doomfist to be able to 1v1 every hero
  2. Any hero,comp that counters doom needs to be nerfed/doesn’t belong in the game

Hes literally just xqc but less ragey


You just need coordination and teamplay now. Even the dreaded Paris can be won with teamwork and coordination. Had a fight just now on Paris, all on voice, first on attack we managed to cap the first point through strategy and communication (had a few fails but in the end we got it). Second point we lost the first point, and managed to hold the second.

Shield comp makes the game interesting and fun in my opinion, it’s not just a pew pew pew game any more, it’s so much more. The potentials of the game has been made clearer in 2-2-2 lock.


Have to agree that I am pretty unhappy with Sigma’s rock.

welcome to shiled watch orisa or rein with sigma is stupid you spend ALL your time shooting shields what was they thinking?

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I agree, it is sad with the direction of the game. For some reason they introduced so many brain dead (no aim needed) heroes who require you to just press buttons in the correct order and turned a shooter into a moba.

What is the point of playing an aim intensive hero that requires hours of practice when you can pick a braindead other hero and press one button to get value and win. So instead of grinding hours to master a hero all you have to do is press H and switch to some moira or brig or doomfist or sombra or sym etc.

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I said it million times before and I am saying it again:
The shields have no valuable hard counters right now so obviously they will be meta.

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Bastion? People keep forgetting about that hero

he is a hard counter but is not valuable on his own. he needs a shield tank just to be valuable.

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Right, or some other help, like immortality field or dva matrix or even a zarya bubble. Hog can also body block him, since you don’t really have to see where you are shooting as bastion, you just want to destroy everything that is unlucky to be in your way :slight_smile:

Barriers actually are a good thing for enemy flankers. The barrier team is sitting pretty behind it thinking all is well, when you the flanker catches them with there pants down, you get a kill and dip out. Also it’s a free 2 dome shots for widow if she snuck up behind them.

sure but the shields are still his most consistent defense and also the reason for mirror comps.

Less DPS players would be a benefit to everyone, including other DPS players. So don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Keeping barrierwatch “THE WAY THE GAME IS TO BE PLAYED” has always been so terrible. Where’s you know, every other way to play the game?

Ah yes, I forgot Hanzo, Bastion, Pharah and Junkrat were removed from the game.

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This was bound to happen.

With all the dps heavy comps being run one or even two bad dps didn’t matter. This means that there was a lot of delusional dps players out there.

More so dps players that never bothered to learn real OW strategy that involves tanks and supports.

Dps all of a sudden are more important now since there’s 2 to a team and some ppl wont be able to handle the pressure.

Right now not struggling playing S76 or Ashe awhile having Sigma and Orisa in my games.

Why do these complaining threads always start with (pro player said)

With high damage DPS got, you got no right to complain. Shields are only thing standing between one of those one-shot attacks and teammate.

You have any idea how hard GOATs is to pull off?
I doubt it…

Granted, you’ve not placed yet- or I simply can’t see your rank on these forums.
But quoting a high level player doesn’t actually make them right.