Gonna spit the truth here: I feel bad for mercy players

Disclaimer: I’m not a mercy main, I even hated mercy for a long time, I’ve just come to realize how horribly mercy mains have been treated.
Disclaimer 2: This isn’t regarding her current balance state
Disclaimer 3: Please read the entire post, thanks.

The mercy players had so so much feedback on why they didn’t like the current iteration of mercy, I believe there was (over?) 100k posts in the mercy feedback threads and ALL of those posts went to waste. All that time spent into trying to change their favorite hero because they didn’t like her current version, Gone. In fact, I remember that thread getting locked every so often, too.

Then there’s Titanium’s post:

The most liked post on the forums, with 12k replies.
All that effort from titanium gone to waste (I swear that must of taken hours to write up), and remember, the most liked posts on the forums these days get maybe, 100? 200? That post has nearly 2000 likes. The fact that the mercy community is so vocal shows that a lot of mercy players do not like her state.

Now, I know there are also mercy mains (Ryan I know you’re reading this), who love mercy’s current state (Not balance wise, but that’s for another thread).

So I say let’s meet halfway, and bring back parts of mercy 1.0 while keep parts of her current iteration.


I never got that impression from Ryan in the slightest.


He always talks about how he loves current mercy… Not exactly balance wise, though.

But anyways, what are your thoughts about the thread?



Legit how did you never get that impression he talks all the time about how he loves current mercy in terms of gameplay and skill only recently coming to the conclusion she needs a heal buff



I’ve written multiple posts about how much I love her current state, love valkyrie, love E rez and overall love the rework and am glad that they removed mass rez from the game. I’ve always been a staunch supporter of the rework as a whole and I supported all of the nerfs she got to rez and Valk. I think Mass rez was an unhealthy game mechanic and than current Mercy is a lot more skillful and fun on all sides. (Lots of Mercy players on here dislike me for that reason lol)

However I’m not at all in love with her current value/viability after the HPS nerf, and how it has forced her into a pocket bot playstyle, so that’s what I talk about on here recently.

As for the OP, I do wish the Devs would say something again about her. If they truly feel like she is not in need of any changes, if they said that it’d be nice. Or if they say she’s fine as an off healer, then say that so we know their vision for the hero has changed from being a “Strong primary healer” like it’s been the first 3 years of the game according to their own words.


I still like playing mercy, but yea i wouldn’t mind them make her better of course but really there is nothing currently wrong with her

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ngl I thought they hated how reliant she is on Ashe/Echo/Pharah. That’s what I thought was the reason for everyone (including Ryan) complaining about her gameplay.

In terms of skill she’s clearly better than she has been in the past, which I’d imagine that Ryan agrees with.


Well I’m clearly wrong then. The pocket bot playstyle was what I thought was what made you dislike her.

Give Mercy 60hps

That’s literally like the end all be all right now and I just HATE how they REFUSE to even TEST it on the Experimental card



Her pocket bot playstyle is a direct result of the HPS nerf in my opinion, as before that HPS nerf she was used as a primary healer alongside Zen in a lot of comps and ever since it hit she’s used as a pocket healer with Ana.

Today NeptuNo said this on twitter and his damage boost idea sounds like it could also solve the pocket playstyle quite a bit:

idk though, I honestly think buffing her HPS will shoehorn her back into a main support role. You can still run Mercy as an offhealer with 60 HPS to pocket a Pharah or Ashe but with 50 HPS that’s the only way to optimally play her which is what I dislike


I just think the worst part, aside from the often deafening silence from the devs, is the fact that people have some pretty strong conceptions about what a Mercy player is, what they want and what they deserve. Like, it’s so tiring hearing that you just want an ez OP hero, and I swear I was told this once when I asked for her on fire meter to be fixed. We’ve been called hive-minds, cult members, fanatics, sometimes for suggesting overall pretty tame balance suggestions.

That’s probably one of he things I find most tiring, and it’s made me stop making any Mercy thread regardless of topic.


I don’t think they want to give Mercy 60 hps as with her current skill level she would dominate at all ranks again like she used to, they need to fundamentally change Valkryie so its not such a simple easy ultimate so she allows some form of skill expression again.

Why should we have to meet halfway when Mercy’s in a good state now? It’s like saying we should meet halfway with the people who want to replace the earth’s atmosphere with fire just so that it’s fair to everyone. Of course, we’d all still die but at least it would be fair.


That’s debatable

Before her 60hps nerf, she was already dropping off in favour of Moira and Ana based comps; it was the Hanzo rework that really pushed her over the top

Plus again, test it on the experimental card. That’s why it’s there, to test changes.


To make the game better as a whole?

Mercy’s in a good state?

She literally can’t exist without Echo, or having EVERY hitscan hero banned

That doesn’t seem good if you ask me


Just because a lot of people want something doesn’t mean it would make it better, especially when most of those people are arguing from a place of emotion through rose-colored glasses rather than objectivity. I don’t think there’s any obligation to compromise in this case. I (and lot of other people) think it would make the game worse to make the changes that most of the people unhappy with Mercy have been suggesting.


That’s not true at all. If you look at the first comment in this thread, I linked to a post I made yesterday talking about Mercy’s stats from the last month, which say that she’s doing very well.

Edit: Whoops, that was another thread. Here it is.


I know this’ll just fit the whole “DPS hate supports and want them gutted” narrative the forums love so much, but…

I honestly don’t think Mercy needs a buff. I think Ana needs nerfed to 12 ammo and 200hp on Nano; Lucio needs his speed re-reverted; and Zen needs Discord/damage reverted. Then Supports will be fine, as it is it’s top to bottom the most balanced class imo.


Except blizzard time and again makes balance changes based on this, this is literally the reason a universal CC nerf is in experimental right now.