Gonna ask if there are any future plans for Sym here?

Though, This will likely fade into the dust of so many other stuff about Sym.


Boy I sure hope so. She’s not there yet.


They stated no future reworks for the foreseeable future :confused:

Maybe 250 hp is possible tho?


Well I am sure they didn’t foresee this: 🧞 (day 384) highlight this Workshopped Sym ult again (along with how I would rework her, expanded*)(again)

I am lying… they totally did.

Arguably, small tp buffs and perhaps a range buff on her primary to match Zarya, so that she’s no longer a close range hero without the accompanying defenses / escapes. She wouldn’t need 250 hp.

Also give her a 25 shield aura for allies.

She already no longer a close range hero, already gone over that. (She has 3rd-4th longest time to kill out of all heroes, (She is tied with Reinhardt.)

Along with other stuff… (gonna try not to keep posting links… but I could put a dozen here.)

Her shield generator was the strongest part of her kit back in the day. Her teleporter was so bad as an ultimate that they gave her the best one she could ever have – and then said “nah”

she needs the extra health to sustain herself anyway.

That depends on which style of play your were good at. Already gone over that already.

2.0 had 2 completely different types of mains. (Again something I already talked about.)

One was harder to play, but what she was originally designed to play as, close range and one was more long range… and more complaining coming from that side when things didn’t go their way.

(Long range “won” by the way… but honestly they didn’t.)

Long range damage is slow, easily dodged, and honestly still the worst option.

Her benefits come into play in close range, where she doesn’t have enough health to really keep going.

Imagine a 200HP Zarya that still has charge mechanics to keep up with

I didn’t say actually had a current playstyle now did I?

A QoL change

Her right clicks were always the lesser option…