Gold is just a mess- how do I escape?

What in this world is gold in competitive- it is a mess that is what it is! Some of the players make me question if they actually know what the game they are playing is…!
For all who do not understand what I mean here is what role queue is in gold:
-Tank: they need to instantly lock Reinhardt or doomfist and sit in our back lines playing the sniper role until the very end of the fight, where they MUST dive the full enemy team and die, followed by intense complaining
-Damage: they must get as low of a kda as humanly possible ( bonus points if they leave ) but they must aim to have triple their kills in deaths

  • Support: spend more of the match spamming chat complaining that you are so much better than your team, despite the fact that your team did not want the support with 3k dmg and 150 healing
    Now if none of the above occur one player must have the game sense of a baked potato playing their 3iq games completely ruining your chances of winning- this player stands out like a sore thumb on the stats and this happens more games that it doesn’t

So how in this big wide world do I escape gold?
I am no gm player but i can guarantee you that I belong higher than these players with their cardboard 5 game sense
( It sounds like I am complaining- it is exaggeration, a persuasive technique I like to use but it is not just made up on the spot let me tell you. Obviously not all gold games are like this- there are great gold players who are probably in similar circumstances to me)
How do I escape?
When do the games become somewhat balanced?


Pick the heroes you are best at and get 2 or more eliminations per teamfight without dying. If you do that, you’ll escape Gold easily. If you cannot do that, it will be harder (though certainly not impossible) to escape Gold. But the above is the easiest way to escape Gold.

Here is the longer answer:

  1. Determine why your team is not winning teamfights. Most of the time, you can simply look at what the enemy is doing and ask yourself who on their team do I need to stop in order to enable my team to win teamfights.
  2. Assume that you are the one on your team who has the responsibility of fixing whatever issue you identified in step 1. If the enemy Widow is getting the first pick every fight, you need to disable her. Assume no one else is capable of doing so. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to kill her (though that’s often the most expedient way), you could dive her and force her to back off, you could use an immortality ability or a barrier to save your teammates, etc.
  3. If you can’t do what you need to do by yourself, you have to use pings and comms to get your team to help you do what needs to be done. Though this is often harder than just doing it yourself (especially if your team isn’t in voice).
  4. If you often find yourself in a position where you don’t have the tools necessary to do what needs to be done, you need to expand your hero pool.

But, again, the easiest way is just to get 2 or more kills per teamfight without dying yourself. If you can do that, you’ll be through Gold in no time. (Also, one thing that needs to be done often but is not always done in Gold is clearing the high ground- if you get good at clearing and controlling high ground your team will have a huge advantage over other Gold teams.)


You wont escape, higher ranks are just as big mess as gold if not more.
And you rank consistenly until you stop destroying 1v5.
So if you cant destroy 1v5 you just play games and hope for a lucky 5 win streak matches.


Just keep grinding. Take breaks, especially if you lose a couple in a row. Die less, take more cover.

VOD reviews are great and some people love offering to watch your replays. It’ll give you more ways to improve as you grind your way out.

have you been in plat?

the ego of those players are unreal

I just fell out of plat on tank but about to get it back then I am oq plat

Throw me a replay code of a game where there was no smurfs/cheaters and ill give you some advice of how you can tackle the problems you have in that particular game or how to give yourself more or a advantage during the game. I won’t look at mechanics for example because you will improve that over time. What ill look at is positioning and cooldown usage and how you can get better value from your hero via positioning and cooldown usage for example.

What i learned playing in gold in ow1 as dps is that most of the time people don’t prioritize the correct pathways towards a objective or prioritize pushing the enemy team off advantageous positions like highgrounds.

Also what tailswiper said is very true.
Identify what is losing you the teamfights and how can you overcome that.

Also try to be supportive towards your teammates, sometimes they lack the confidence or worry that they wont get any help from their teammates.

If you play support for example and your tank is scared because he gets absolutely hardfocussed entire game long, tell him stuff like i got you rein, lets go push a bit forward, ill stick my ana gun up your butt.
Ask him to join voicechat and tell him when you are reloading, when you dont have line of sight etc and i promise you he won’t be sitting in your backline. He will grow confident in the fact that he has a teammate helping him and will be able to do something without having to wait 15 seconds before he gets healed.

If you play dps, tell him ill try to force the mei to iceblock so that she can’t hold leftclick on you. Or that you will go tracer and try to kill the zen or pressure him so that your tank is not permanently discorded.

The most important thing on support in my opinion in gold for example is literally to keep your tank alive for as long as possible while also being able to secure or setup elims. This means you should be playing support from a position that gives you the ability to support your teammates while simultaneously being able to stay alive and being a threat/problem.
So on hollywood defence second point for example that means setting up on the highground as ana and being able to throw bio grenades over the enemy tank so that you can either kill something or they have to back up and wont be shooting your tank who is stalling cart as much.

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I don’t think I have a huge ego for just being better than everyone below me, what are you on about? :laughing:

All jokes aside, diamond is way worse. You get genji’s who think they are about to be carrying his dreadfull teammates because everyone else is boosted, while simultaneously every single one of his 15 deaths is because the tank didn’t push in or he didn’t get healed.

The soldier with his permanent mercy pocket from his friend will say can’t carry bot dps when he has done 1,5k dmg more compared to his other dps who never had a dmg boost and who had 25 elims more. Said soldier will infact have been shooting the enemy double pocketed orisa entire game though.
And if it wasn’t that its the illari with 6k dmg and 3k healing who says tank diff whilst never healing their tank and the enemy supports each have 5k dmg and 12k+ healing.

Ok- this is the first game since reading this. Tank is my climb role but I prefer dps:
Ok look the last 2 gravs that is my bad
I just fell out of plat tank: this is gold 1 96%
Tell me if you want any more

Ill give it a look, about to turn on pc. If my brother is online though i may play some games myself first though before i review it xD

No problem- note: I went 5-1 in one sitting so I am now back to plat :slight_smile:

Oh it’s on circuit, do you have a different code? Not as much i can say on how/when to utilise cover or positioning as much on or how to get more effectiveness with the hero:P circuit is a very outlier type of map because there is just one lain basically.

What i saw in the first minute though is that you reload when not needed on zarya and are throwing rightclicks into a dva while you are not looking at your illari who is getting shot at by a widow. You wont be doing anything with 0 energy except for when you are throwing rightclicks at the widow who is scoped in. Your first death is caused because you isolated yourself in a small room just one bubble.

The bubble at 1:45 is good, but pretty slow, at 1:47 you could have walked infront of illari incase someone chased her to bodyblock the damage.
Also do you play with allied health bars and allied friendly outlines on default or do you have them off?
Because it seems you dont know where your illari is at before you bubble him because it takes a while for you to look at him before you bubble.

At 2:37, if you walk directly infront of the dva bomb and bubbled you would have saved both illari and sym. But you walked backwards and then bubbled and they died because of that.
At 3:27 you are lucky that dva didn’t eat the grav. But you also graved too early. Dva still had allot of matrix and the had rally going on+ a shield. You bubble yourself instead of the phara who would have maybe lived otherwise during her ult.
If you bubble the phara she can kill the soldier for sure during her ultimate.
If you grav after the rally expired then you can kill someone because you can cut through defence matrix. Even solo graving a ulting soldier for example is worth it because your teammates can either kill him easier or get out of line of sight.

When playing zarya into that comp i would personally bubble my symmetra more than myself because she will deal a ton of damage without needing charge and it will give me charge.

So far i have not seen you look back towards your teammates once to see if they are in danger or not and need a bubble.

I just watched part of a game I played zarya myself. Code is : YPWHGE i am Siks7ate9.
It is a entirely different map though so that also has something to do with it maybe.
I usually play sigma on circuit myself because in diamond its a sniper fest.
While i played very poorly compared to what i can, (my aim is tragic for example and i make some really stupid mistakes) i noticed that if i compare it to your game from what i have seen so far i am much more of a threat. I am continuesly rightclicking squishies so they are forced to retreat or have to get healed instead of their tank. I am just literally walking up to them and making them shoot me instead of teammates.

While i am not looking back towards my teammates as much as i should be, its clear to me that they are not about to be killed because they play out of line of sight and and the few players who could hit them are all shooting at me.
I also notice that i am forcing their tank into rough spots or splitting off their healing by walking behind them and bubbling when they are low hp.

If you want to see some actual good zarya gameplay compared to how i played whilst i play support here is a game of my brother playing zarya on attack and rein on defence while i play ana on kings row.
Code is: F50Y1G

My brother is like diamond 1/masters 5 on tank and im diamond 3 on support. I have no idea how well i played since i do know i was pretty tired and it was 3 days ago. I do know i must have played fairly well to have died only twice that game. This was like a diamond 2 ranked game if i remember correctly.

My brother had 35 elims 9 assists and 3 deaths with 13,7k dmg on zarya/rein whilst i on ana had 13 elims 24 assists and 2 deaths with 2.2k dmg and 10.8k healing.

You “escape” by performing consistently well—better than your opponents.

All the external factors are redundant.

I am on console- therefore sending a bubble to someone else is harder since it means I have to take my finger off the attack… which is not ideal during big team fights etc
Note: I am typing this without seeing the replay myself yet

Also, if I play much more “sophisticatedly” (if you will) than my teammates ( remember this is gold 1) then it is almost like 2 different fights- that is a big difference between the play styles of gold and master

This seems to be the most accurate description of ranked play.


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It’s literally the same as Gold until like Plat2.

It is probably a very hard concept to comprehend, but from what people saying, you just need to not play like gold to get out of gold. Simple as that.

What’s wrong with Gold? It’s a good elo to be in. I’m Gold in OCE though, which is closer to Plat in NA terms. But Plat or Gold, it’s just one rank difference.

The only thing I don’t like about Gold in OCE is that there are many leavers, especially in the tank role. I never had so many leavers in ranked back in OW1. Before, leavers were like 5 - 10% of the games. Now I come across leavers 20 - 30% of the time, it’s insane.

Why do people queue for comp if they’re gonna rage quit and leave? Just play quickplay instead if you can’t handle losing.

The trick to getting out of any elo is getting good enough to carry your games. Don’t rely on your team until you’re at a good rank. And by good rank, I mean literally high Masters-GM. Until then, you’re pretty much on your own.

So you’re in Gold. That means you’re facing and playing with Gold players. If you’re better than Golds, it becomes 1 Plat(Or whatever rank you think you deserve) and 4 Golds against 5 Golds. That gives your team the advantage and will result in a positive winrate. Then it’s just a matter of time until you climb.

This is a team game… I am playing with other golds too- each role has a vital task during a match allowing other players to do theirs… e.g. if the supports can’t heal then the tank can’t survive. So that is assuming that I can play as if my team does not matter