Going to main menu and then back to game only on event game modes


So on the Halloween event 2018 and the Retribution event I have had this problem that when I play the special game modes like Junkrats revenge and Retribution I go back to the main menu and then load right back into the game. It happens almost at the exact same time everytime I play. On junkrats revange it would do this when symmetra would make her appearance and on Retribution it will do this when the assassin first make her appearance also at the end of the mission when the ship comes. It’s really frustrating that for 10 seconds I can’t do anything and I usually play healer and that makes it impossible to play anything higher then hard. It only do this on this type of game modes so I doubt that it’s my internet connection.

(Cathy Lee ) #2

Hey AngelNight, sorry you’re running into this issue.

We’re currently investigating this problem and were notified of a possible workaround if you’re using a Netgear router.

In addition to the instructions in this link, also try prioritizing UDP ports 26503-36503.

If you don’t mind answering a few questions, i’m continuing to collect information about this issue as new reports arise.

  1. Were you playing any of the PVE events when you encountered this issue?
  2. If so, was it Retribution or Uprising? Was it story mode or all heroes?
  3. What kind of router do you have and what is the model number?
  4. What version of the firmware are you using?
  5. Are you hardwired or wireless?



Hi. I’ve had this same issue, and yes, I’m using a Netgear router. It happened last year also. It completely stopped me from defeating the expert level of Retribution earlier. What generally happens is that randomly during any of the PvE events which have happened (Uprising last year, Junkenstein’s Revenge, and now both events this year) everything will freeze and it will allow me to move around and use my abilities, so I can move to a better and safer position, then it kicks me to the main menu and then like 10-30 seconds later, I will rejoin the game to (generally) disaster. Answering your questions:

  1. Yes.

  2. Yes, both of them, and it only happened on story mode for me. Same for last year too.

  3. I have a Netgear R6220.

  4. I just checked now and it’s on V1.1.0.34_1.0.1. Though it does need an update to the firmware.

  5. I am hardwired through Ethernet.

I have another router I could try to use, I can probably try and see if it changes anything. It isn’t a Netgear. It’s a Linksys.