Going on Hiatus until something gets fixed. 😣

Ok, so… I may not be leaving forever, like some people… But i just can’t keep going.

I can’t seem to squeeze ANY Fun out of my all time favorite hero, Bastion, And no matter what i do, There just is no improving… It’s not like i can just “Aim better” Even if i fine tuned my aim further than i already have, and my overall skills, it just wouldn’t matter when playing my favorite hero.

Positioning means nothing, Aim means nothing, What am i left with… Picking a new favorite?

That’s not what i thought this game was about… I may not “Onetrick” But i DO Want to play Bastion sometimes… And it feels like that’s never going to work out.

So yea… :neutral_face: See you all when something gets fixed, i guess…
I just can’t keep hitting my head against the wall that is an unplayable hero anymore.

I can have my crosshair Perfectly placed over an enemies head, tracking them as they move, And they still “Out Damage” Me, At point blank range. -.-

To Clarify, i have well over 100 hours on Bastion alone, and over 600 in the game total. (I play on Console, Xbox one.)
My Profiles are kept Public, and able to be viewed.

I know most of you reading this Don’t care… And you don’t have to.
Neither do you have to leave a comment, about how little you care…

But that’s it.
I’m just… Done trying i guess.


Turret mode has disabled head shots, part of the draw back to the ammo increase.
Maybe not wase so much effort tracking the enemies head in turret mode?

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What i meant was… There is no way to improve if it simply wouldn’t matter.

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Bastion is the hero with the most need for a buff, arguably more so than Reaper (arguably), so he’s very weak right now which is likely another reason as to why you can’t get any fun. It’s never fun to play a hero that sucks.


I can shut down most bastions I see with Zen. There is nothing you can do, you are COUNTERED.
Counter back.


It’s so true…

I laugh a little when people say “Right now” When talking about Bastion…

It’s been a YEAR. :joy_cat:

Not to mention that i haven’t won a SINGLE 1v1 Against a Sym, as Bastion today.

That’s a Problem.

Yep a ~year for Bastion and 1 year, 7 months, 11 days for Reaper, but who’s counting? ahahahhahaaaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH


At least reaper has his Counters, Counter play, And new Wraith form…

Bastion has… A New skin?

I also have yet to win a 1v1 against a reaper.

There is NO Predicting or countering that button canceled Wraith.

Well Reaper is kind of a Bastion counter, due to Bastion’s humongous hitbox. Plus Bastion kind of sits still for one of his forms.

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I’m Kinda Ok with reaper countering Bastion… But… Not at point blank range Literally every time, And… also he’s like, Bastion’s sixteenth hard Counter.
(Or more)

If Bastion wasn’t so hard countered, it would probably be an ok matchup.

Also, if i predict the reaper coming around a corner, since he can’t wear quieter boots, and shoot him in the head, he should probably take headshot damage.

But NO.
I’m a Bastion main, so i’m not allowed to have that kinda fun.


I think they intended his role to be more barrier buster.
Usually a bastion pick means both teams have to accommodate your pick for a optimal Bastion experience

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And THIS Is the problem.

I could name Five heroes who break barriers faster than Bastion could ever hope to, and the thing is… Even when Bastion has a team built around them, they are usually just an Ult battery, and Sponge.

Will you still be here for the OWL finals threads (and hopefully next season, but that’s so far off)? It’s been fun talking to you in them, even if you always support the wrong team.

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Yes. I’ll still be on the forums every now and then… And i’ll be around for new Content… But otherwise, my Competitive carrier and such is out the window.

I probably won’t even think to myself “Oh hey, i’m bored… i should play some overwatch” In my daily life, Since i’m against self harm.

This is just the luck of a Bastion main.

The sad part is, i’m pretty sure you are telling the truth.

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I can agree Bastion needs some work. My playing buddy though seems to love this Bastion, and he liked old Bastion.
Also haven’t we chatted before? Your name seems familiar

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Probably. o-o Either that, or i’m just a familiar person. Lol

I can see why… Old Bastion was 1000% Better in every way, Even though you couldn’t MOVE While healing, or while taking ANY Damage.

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To be honest, at this point bastion just needs to be reverted back to release state. No more healing when moving, taking damage stop the healing, and your sentry damage output can headshot charging reins into oblivion.

They changed him to perform like soldier, which honestly killed him for him. Yes, the recon weapon is insanely good. Little drop off, spread increase is super slow, and headshot hit like a truck. The problem with this is, you’re f****king HUGE. The hitbox on bastion is insane. if recon is his only good form, then you might as well just play Soldier.

He’s been too watered down. Need to add the spice back into his kit.

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soooo reduced damage for being able to do less damage but it takes longer to do that less damage? Yeah, sounds perfectly fine to me. Not like it’s a massive nerf or anything.

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I agree nearly completely.

As much as i love the moving while healing feature… i would gladly give it up for old sentry.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how many more years it’ll take for the devs to realize these problems.