Go Back To The Old Comp System

This new competitive system is so unrewarding and depressing. I went 21-10 today playing for 10 hours and I am rewarded with no change in my rank. No one complained about the old system. There is no feeling of progression, no feeling of regression. At the end of the day after winning most of my games I am just left feeling pissed off. I don’t even want to play anymore. Go back to the old system please I’m begging you. THIS SYSTEM IS UNREWARDING AND AWFUL. Like if you agree.


Blizzclowns made it so even above diamond it ranks you up or down based on useless meaningless stats. Farm stats even if you are worthless and lose games yet go up because numbers. Play better and win = derank because your stats will look worse. Enjoy.


So nothing really changed then.

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Yes, it’s now hidden so out of sight out of mind.

It gets even depressing in Bronze 5: Addressing the Bronze 5 and ranking issue all in one thread