GM Xbox frog needs Rein duo, NA East

That’s it. Play whenever. Go fast. Xbox. Ranked. Evenings (9-11pm) and weekends. Old guy in his 30’s who thinks he’s young.

I don’t care what tank you play. DPS welcome.

Wait a second, are you that freak show I had on Oasis with Gilbert on widow throwing?

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I dunno who Gilbert is lol

I didn’t either till I stacked with a few other GM friends and we got F#####g gilbert on route 66 on tracer, went 12-17, then got him again on Oasis and he instalocked tracer, died , swapped to widow and went like 6-10.


There was a lucio on the Oasis game so I was curious if it was you. idk ur bnet

yea dunno, if it was on console and you saw SombrasFeet, probably me lol

Have I ever had you in my games? What region do you play in? Im Na - east I think but sumtimes q with Na-west friends

NA East usually playing between 9-11pm maybe 2 nights during the week then whenever I have time on weekends