Glitch where screen turns black?

In the past week I have 2x got a glitch where my screen turns black and the only thing I can see is the outline of the players (and my UI)! The only way to get rid of it is to restart the game.

Funny enough, death cam works, I see everything when the death cam plays when I die, but when I respawn all I see is my UI and player outlines.

System info:
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
INTEL i7 4790k (4.0 ghz)
16gb RAM
nvidia geforce gtx 760 4gb

No idea what the problem is, first occurred on 8/26.

If your GPU is overclocked, lower it as this can cause it. Regardless if it’s not overclocked try under clocking it a little anyway and see if that has any change.

Also what is a normal temp for this game to run on GPU? I use the in game monitor built into overwatch and my GTX 760 is running at 81C.

That’s a little bit high but not over the top. Try giving it a clean out or change the fan curve in something like msi afterburner. Mid 70’s would be best, for example my GTX 980 runs at a max of around 74 in overwatch.

Is it this?

Unfortunately I can’t post a screen shot of the glitch or post a link : (. It just happened again.

I have the latest NVIDIA driver, it is dated 9/27 which isn’t that long ago. Lately I have realized that it seems like my NVIDIA drivers going out of date has caused most issues, but now I am using latest driver and there is still a problem.

Is GTX 760 too old for them to care about?

post links between ` marks

Don’t think so. I have overwatch on my laptop (2013 year) with GT-640 for two years with no issues, but recently I got my desktop with 1060 and have this issue almost every game, sometimes screen not black, but like with red/yellow/cyan filter. Today got a new type, black and white issue. I changed almost everything in desktop pc, the memory, processor, ssd, motherboard. But for half of year it become worse and worse.

@polynkevnich did you ever find out what the culprit was? This just started happening to me… I’ve been playing OW since early 2017 with zero issues until now. I’m worried its my GPU failing. I know this is an old post but if you happen to see this please respond. Thanks