Glitch where I won the game but got punished

My gametag is JesusBread#1333. The last game I played, I had no issues the whole game except towards the last 2-3 minutes. Near the end, I started getting a lag spike that caused me to rubberband as well as my ping to spike from 30-40s to 200+. I ended up winning the game, but the Overwatch client was acting glitchy so i restarted the game. When I logged back on, I had lost 40ish SR and was suspended for 8 minutes. What on earth happened?

There are sticky threads in this forum for connection issues. You didn’t say which platform, but there are threads for PC and the consoles.

Hey JesusBread,

More than likely that rubberbanding you experienced was enough to cause a timeout, but the client was able to recover. If the timeout was long enough for the server to see the disconnect, then the penalty would be applied even in the case of a win.

As Nicole mentioned, there are several different sticky posts for the different platforms. Based on the wording used though, it sounds like you’re on PC. I would recommend giving the general connection stickies a read through and trying out some of the suggestions there to avoid this going forward.