Glitch - kicked and brought back while playing Events


Every single time I’ve played either Uprising or Retribution, the game freezes - I can move, but everyone else is stuck running in place and none of my actions affect them. Then I’m kicked from the game to the main menu with a “We’ve found a match” green prompt waiting for me. After waiting for a bit, it brings me back to the same game, and I haven’t moved anywhere at all. This happens multiple times during a match, and makes the events difficult to enjoy. This also happened during the Halloween events.

I’ve enjoyed playing the events as much as I can, but would love if this bug were fixed. Happy to provide further detail if needed.

Retribution event lags, then boots me, then puts me in same match

This happens to me also. The Halloween event the same way. Has there been any solution? I love the event but can never play. It only happens to me and not my friends.

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Hey guys, sorry you’re running into this issue.

We’re currently investigating this problem and were notified of a possible workaround if you’re using a Netgear router.

In addition to the instructions in this link, also try prioritizing UDP ports 26503-36503.

If you don’t mind answering a few questions, i’m continuing to collect information about this issue as new reports arise.

  1. Were you playing any of the PVE events when you encountered this issue?
  2. If so, was it Retribution or Uprising? Was it story mode or all heroes?
  3. What kind of router do you have and what is the model number?
  4. Are you hardwired or wireless?


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Thank you so much for the post! Great to know it’s a known issue here. To answer your questions: Yes, it only happens on events, both Retribution and Uprising, on both story and all heroes for each. All other arcade formats, quick play and comp work fine. I’m currently using a Netgear R6220 router and have it hardwired to my PS4. If there’s any info needed please ask, more than happy to contribute to getting me and other fellow heroes back out on the field!


Is there an update besides these changes, which are not fixing the issue with the AC1200 model ?


I have the same problem but I have an arris surfboard sb6190. I have no QoS option when I login to the router and my desktop doesn’t have wireless.

Any suggestions?


thank goodness for this thread. my answers are as follows:

  1. this only happens during the pve events
  2. It is both retribution and uprising, and both modes.
  3. I have a netgear AC1200 router.
  4. I am on pc and directly connected to my modem.

I will try the given workarounds to see if it helps.

While my router is the AC1200, the hardware version is R6220.


I’ve tested this in only one match so far, but no DC! I followed the posted guide given and enabled QoS and put warcraft in highest priority. I did not open the other suggested ports at this time. I’ll update if i have more issues.


I am also having the same issue here. Didn’t start happening until the most recent patch. The modem/router that I have is the one loaned by the ISP (it’s a Zhone brand, unsure of the model as it’s bolted to the wall in a comm closet). I am unable to edit the settings as they are managed by the ISP.


Also I am not able to get achievements like completing Retribution and Uprising with all 4 characters or 8 different characters in all players mode. I just played through with all 4 characters in a row to test and still no achievement. There is only 3 days left of this and they have made no progress to fix this issue. Thanks a F******g lot


Good evening, I’ve been having the same issues. However the solution in the main Reddit post you linked was deleted, could you happen to explain what the issue is?

Also, to answer your questions:

  1. Yes, this exclusively happens to me during PVE
  2. It happens both for Story and All Heores.
  3. I have a Netgear Router, specifically R6050
  4. I am using a wired connection, linked to another router if that makes a difference.


Um… I’d like to try these workarounds as I also have an AC1200 Netgear router and have been getting DC’ed every game of retribution I’ve played, but the reddit original post got deleted so I don’t know the steps to fix it, could anyone give a complete instructions on this workaround?

I found some stuff, about a QoS setting that I enabled, disabled bandwidth control, and set warcraft to highest priority, tried that… didn’t work, tried port forwarding also didn’t work.

  1. Retribution, both the story mode and free character mode causes this issue for me.
  2. Retribution, have not tried uprising. Both versions of retribution.
  3. Netgear R6220 was what it said in the admin screens.
  4. I’m hardwired and wireless is not an option as my computer does not have a wireless adapter.