Give Winston 2 Jumps?


Basically the same thing that happened with Junkrats Mines, so he can savely jump in and out of action? Or is that too much and too easy to pull off? Altough that could cause another Doomfist situation before his nerfs… :thinking:


The monkey would be everywhere, it would be an apeocalypse!


Alright, but then he needs a compensation nerf as well.


Def would be too much


Of course, otherwise it would be too much :smiley:


Why the hell would you do this when you can double melee cancel jump a support for up to 160 burst damage


Would make him incredibly op and risk free, all that health with a decent unavoidable damage output, that can cleave enemies, yeah it would be busted.


Might be the most OP anyone has ever been, including immortal bastion. That’s a free squishy kill every few seconds. Dive one, kill it, dive back for a top up heal and then right back in. All at zero risk.


Give him a second jump and delete his shield.


Nah we’ll give him two charges of his shield but reduce the HP to 300.


Several heroes have been more broken than this though, but indeed yes, very broken.


I definitely think 2 jumps would be too much.
Yet he could use a little love after the armor nerf.

Maybe reduce his shield cool down by a second or something like that.


(1) 100 armor & 400 health -> 150 armor & 350 health
(2) Barrier cool-down from 13 seconds -> 12 seconds

Because Winston only peaks in higher tiers, and even then, typically other tanks are chosen over him (his overall win-rate on Overbuff is like 48%). So giving him a bit more tankiness would be good to embrace the fact that he is a main tank. The problem with giving him another jump charge would be that then he’d become a stronger assassin, which is not what Winston is or should be.


No, no no no no no… Winston does not need a second jump charge.


I see what you did there.
I like it.


That would be hilariously broken, especially in Primal Rage


You just made Mercy completely unusable


So you can perform two jump+melee combos? No.


I play Winston a lot, and I think having 2 jumps would be great but kind of much. I think if they shaved 1-2 seconds off his jump timer, and doubled his tesla gun ammo (most of his damage is out-healed anyway), he’d be in a great place.

OR, what about a charged jump? Like Doomfist’s punch, but this launches Winston in a multi-direction depending on aim?


he’s a gorilla, make his melee 75 dmg :joy: