Give Widowmaker swing ability?

So we have a highlight intro where Widowmaker swings towards the camera and it got me thinking that would be cool if her grappling hook had a bit more functionality. So if I could take the swing aspect of Hammond and tone it down a bit to allow Widowmaker to swing, that would be cool. I just have to find out how to stop the grapple pull if you’re holding the button, but that’s a script that alters part of the ability while stopping another AND adding another function. Any ideas?

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This. Think pathfinder but less distance. I don’t think its possible to add completely new physics right now though, we will see.

Never played Apex Legends (had to look up Pathfinder) but YES. Exactly. Little toned down from his ability, but that’s the idea I had. I’ve always thought that’d be really cool for Widowmaker

Nice to find a post like this. Actually, yes!
I think a direct inspiration for make Widowmaker swing is the character Athena, from Quake Champions ( Her active ability is pretty much how the reworked “Grappling Hook” ability from Widowmaker should work, that this, press and hold corresponding ability (“E” for PC) button to make her swing, obviously also allowing her to shoot. The only difference is Widowmaker would not be able to use her Grappling Hook 3 times in a row, but as compensation its cooldown would have to severely decrease (which is pretty much in line with one of my suggested buffs to Widowmaker: Massively BUFF Widowmaker, Blizzaaaaarrrrrd!)
Make Widowmaker swing, Blizzard!

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I’d keep it all on one button - press ability one and it works as is, hold ability 1 at any time to lock the length and swing, jump to break the line