Give us LFG-tool back

Give us the groupfinder back. Otherwise playing this game is no fun because of just random groups without communication


Don’t feed the troll

How is he trolling? LFG was the best feature of OW2 to rank up.


Push this to the top

Dear Blizzard,

We hope this message finds you well. We, the Overwatch community, would be incredibly grateful if you could bring back the “looking for group” function in the game. This feature was incredibly helpful for players who wanted to play with a specific group of friends or for those who wanted to join a team for a specific game mode. Its absence has made it more difficult for players to find a group to play with and has greatly impacted the player experience. We would greatly appreciate it if this feature could be reintroduced as soon as possible.

Thank you for all that you do for the Overwatch community.




This! Come on devs….

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I rly agree :frowning: go back lfg


Agree. Before the 30day necro kicks in.

How could a team of paid devs remove this feature?

Just quit your jobs already if you’re not going to take your profession seriously.
Starting with Aaron because Jeff would have more decency than this.

Push 20 characters :€