Give us an option to NOT hotjoin Quickplay Games

I 100% agree with this. Overwatch is like the only contemporary game in this genre or its neighboring genres like MOBAs and competitive FPS, that don’t give leaver/deserter penalties for leaving its casual modes like quickplay/arcade.

Paladins, League, Smite, Battleborn, they all put you in a timeout status for a while on your FIRST leave

Overwatch just slaps your wrist with exp loss after like 10 leaves in rapid succession


Could I ask you for your position on hero reworks for Widow, Bastion or any other heroes? Is anyone expecting major changes?

Yup, one reason I stop playing. Once I got back to back to back to back into games that ended in a few seconds or had already ended.

In the spirit of throwing out unrelated questions hoping to be answered…

How much money do I have to give Blizzard to get quickplay winrate stat back, or top 5 heroes chart…? :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Could this not be addressed by specifically cracking down on the type of person who rage quits as defeat is imminent? It would be simple to detect, no? If you leave within like, 20 seconds of defeat you could be punished.

I got to say, I am loving the more active-ness(?) you are playing(?) on the forums

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Are the stats of the game available to the MM during the scan? It would seem like having the game backfilled with someone with under 30 seconds remaining shouldn’t happen. I think making these stats available and either you, the devs, or the player through an in-game filter should be able to prevent situations like this.

How about if you get an AFKer/Leaver in the first 45sec, that it backfills, and restarts the match.

Rather than kicking 11 people back into the lobby. 4 of which could be DPS players.

15 minute queue is bad enough as is. Much less having to do it twice.


Thank you so much for reaching out to us. :bowing_man:

I remember a while back I hadn’t played the game in a few weeks. I log in and go to my standard choice of Mystery Heroes and queue up. First match… Backfill into instant DEFEAT screen. Requeue and BAM same thing, instant defeat. Maybe 3rd time is a charm. Nope, backfill and wasn’t instant defeat but close, like 30 seconds. 4th time was again instant defeat.

FOUR in a row! I just log out of the game. All I wanted to do was play some matches, some from start to end. I can’t even describe how frustrated and angry I was.

Why can’t you understand that the -75% exp punishment isn’t stopping people from leaving matches? These people don’t care anymore. Why can’t you just add more strict punishments for people who keep leaving games like this? Force them to backfill and let them solve the problem. I’m not causing the problem yet I’m getting stuck fixing it.

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Remove the -75% penalty and replace it with “You will be backfilled into your next match and must finish it till the end”. If they leave the match they backfilled into then they are now forced to backfill 2 times and finish both matches till the end.

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There’s a game in beta right now, that if you leave too much, that you get filled into your future games with other leavers, and need to complete 3 games to remove that penalty.


I suggest making players backfill once for each game they leave beyond a certain threshold. Discourage perpetual backfillers by making them get stuck in a “backfill only” queue until they’ve backfilled and completed games back down to that threshold (say 5 more games left than completed). Since they cause the problem, let them solve it.

That’s awesome. Target the issue at the source. Without leavers, there’s no need for backfill. Why should someone have to backfill if they play 100% of their games to the end? With a good system like that, they basically don’t.

Flag it as spam. They’ll get a timeout.

Not everyone who quits at the end is raging. When I know no one can touch the point, so the game will end the instant overtime runs out, I occasionally leave to dodge XP gains. Late enough that it can’t possibly backfill someone. Until they allow us to hide level or turn off XP gain, people will do this due to level shaming.

Quick Play should reduce endorsement levels though. i leave games if my team are bad and i’m a back fill.

Ever thought about placing people who backfill higher up on the queue? After waiting 10mins to see a defeat screen, having everyone leave and getting put back into ANOTHER 10 min queue screams bad game design.


My issue with the backfill system as it currently stands is being asked to finish a match that someone else has left. For whatever reason they decided not to finish the match, I get “punished” by getting dropped into their spot. More often than not, the spot I am filling is on a team that is hopelessly outmatched, or is already way behind the curve and is losing the match. This means that I am basically getting dropped into a game that I have little hope of winning.

Let’s be honest. No one plays in Arcade or Quick Play for experience points. They play for the weekly wins to get their loot boxes. Personally, I don’t care if my character portrait has a shiny frame, or if I have 2 stars or 5 stars under my name. The game doesn’t match me any differently when I am level 247 vs when I am level 47. The experience doesn’t matter, it’s the wins that matter.

Here is where the backfill system falls down. I virtually NEVER quit games. I don’t leave early because we’re getting beaten; I don’t leave if I don’t get my favorite hero; I don’t leave because someone is throwing a match. In the entire time I have been playing Overwatch, I can count on one hand the number of times I have voluntarily left a match before it was over. But I get stuck in more backfill games than I can keep track of.

There are nights when I get stuck in 6 or 7 backfill games out of maybe 20 or 25 matches played. On more than one occasion, I have logged in to play and my first match of the night is a “Defeat” backfill game. I have been dropped into 3 or 4 “Defeat” or losing (under 30 seconds to play on the losing side) games in a ROW on more than one occasion.

It seems to me that rather than trying to reward players for having to put up with being dropped into a backfill game that is already over with a measly 400 xp (or however much it is - again, I don’t care about the xp), maybe it would be better to find a way to discourage people from quitting. The more you quit, the more likely you are going to get stuck in backfill games.

Yes, this is going to result in people just quitting again, but eventually they’ll get tired of being stuck in backfill games (like the rest of us) and will start playing matches through to the end, reducing the need for anyone to have to backfill.

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why do people get so triggered by backfill. calm down and chill out.