Give us an option to NOT hotjoin Quickplay Games

Unfortunately, it’s best for matchmaking to sometimes substitute you into a match as a backfill. With that said, we would like to make some improvements. These are tricky and take time.

We did recently fix an issue that has not gone live yet. Once you serve as a backfill, there is supposed to be a cooldown on subbing you in again. But currently if you switch modes a lot (i.e. from quick play to mystery heroes), you can be backfilled multiple times in a row. In an upcoming patch, this will be fixed.

Again, we want to do more improvements to backfilling over time, but simply removing the system is unlikely to happen.


Thanks, see you tomorrow then?

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finally. good to know. I dont hate backfilling. It’s kinda nice when you’re playing tank or support for coins. But at least i can’t get combo backfilled anymore

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We could use some extra xp for backfilling though, 400 doesn’t seem like anything when you wait for 10 minutes and then promptly are presented with a DEFEAT screen…


Surely you guys can agree though, waiting possibly 10 minutes in queue only to be backfilled directly into defeat screen is ridiculous :sweat_smile:

esp when you gotta turn right back around and wait another 8-10 min


backfilling as it relates to role queue and possible long queue times (damage) is a separate issue that we’ve also been working on. we agree that it’s an issue.


If only we had 8 Support roles to help this issue :crazy_face:

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being backfilled into a defeat screen is not ideal, no matter how long you wait.

we want to address these issues. with backfilling, we’ll never be able to entirely eliminate them because of how some of the game modes work. but certainly it can be better than it is today.


Some people have lifes, they cannot always stay on.

:pray: for visiting (silence been killing me)

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Hey Jeff,

I have a suggestion: The root cause for backfill in the first place is because players leave the game. So one possible way to help the backfill problem is the provide harsher punishments for those who leave.

Now I’m not saying that a single leave should be an immediate ban or anything absurd like that, but many other games these days have significantly harsher punishments for leaving matches. Perhaps instead of a small XP penalty after many left matches (which let’s face it, is barely a slap on the wrist), maybe you could add queue penalties for serial leavers.

In QP this may be less of an issue but in arcade in particular it is a frequent problem. In some game modes like CTF people leave immediately the moment the start to lose, and between the few people who play the game and the chain reaction of more people leaving once one person leaves, a lot of games just start getting canceled. In lesser popular modes, the queue times can sometimes be really long so having to wait 10 minutes in a queue to have a bunch of people leave 60 seconds into the match and have it get canceled is very disheartening.


hey Jeff, I know this is off topic for this thread, but it seems like one can now earn achievements in QP Classic, tho there was no mention in any release notes that this had changed.

Is this change one you all intended to be released but didnt document, or one that slipped through unintended? (stuff happens, np either way)

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1- Allow players to disable/enable backfill option
2- increase reward for those that choose to enable backfill


Have you ever thought of replacing someone with a NPC? (During the backfill process)

I 100% agree with this. Overwatch is like the only contemporary game in this genre or its neighboring genres like MOBAs and competitive FPS, that don’t give leaver/deserter penalties for leaving its casual modes like quickplay/arcade.

Paladins, League, Smite, Battleborn, they all put you in a timeout status for a while on your FIRST leave

Overwatch just slaps your wrist with exp loss after like 10 leaves in rapid succession


Could I ask you for your position on hero reworks for Widow, Bastion or any other heroes? Is anyone expecting major changes?

Yup, one reason I stop playing. Once I got back to back to back to back into games that ended in a few seconds or had already ended.

In the spirit of throwing out unrelated questions hoping to be answered…

How much money do I have to give Blizzard to get quickplay winrate stat back, or top 5 heroes chart…? :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Could this not be addressed by specifically cracking down on the type of person who rage quits as defeat is imminent? It would be simple to detect, no? If you leave within like, 20 seconds of defeat you could be punished.

I got to say, I am loving the more active-ness(?) you are playing(?) on the forums

Its bedtime here don’t sue me, my brain isnt working

(also prepare for this thread to blowup now because of the ‘blizz’ tag XD)

Always that one person…

I know it’s off topic but I’m gonna say it anyway.