Give us ACTUAL content please


Ehhh, idk. They can make a PvE that’s not necessarily horde mode but is played more like normal matches just with bot enemies. I guess like the vs AI mode, but obviously more challenging and more AI bots.

They could also expand on modes like Junk’s or archives or provide more modes of the same sort.

There’s lots of pirate themed skins, for example, why not a whimsical pirate mode, where you’re on a pirate ship and have to face down waves of skeleomnics. Or if boats are too complex to animate, make it a deserted island where we protect the treasure. This would even work as a PvP mode where it could be like a cross between CTF and payload, where one team tries to protect the gold and get it to its hiding place while the other team tries to sabotage them and take gold from the chest.

Maybe not as silly as that sounds, but the point is, it doesn’t always have to be lore specific, they can deviate from the serious stories and create something totally wacky while giving the lore team a breather and giving us something more to do.


Asking for new game modes might be expecting too much considering how much time these would take to produce but there are other ways to add content (comics, short stories, short missions modes using existing maps and characters, etc.)


Imagine getting only new scenarios in smash ultimate and differents colors for 3 years


We get those seasonally already and we have arcade/custom matches

We already have enough roles with plenty of sub roles in between like projectile, hitscan, tank, brawler, healer/brawler, healer/DPS, you name it.

That’s what they add in with reworks and new heroes XD

Skill is on you as a player. Not the devs.

What? Typo?

They are already experimenting with this.

Blizzard said their preferred way of explaining the story is through animated shorts. Plus, they already have enough on their plate to even consider adding a campaign.

That would actually be pretty nice.


I’ll settle for them not throwing characters in a trash bin every other patch.


Some lore or story content would be nice.

A driving factor of continuing to play a mp only game are the characters and lore. Right now most of the characters are just bland cliche and stereotypes.


I don’t think it’s possible to add enough pve content to this pvp game that the community wouldn’t just blast through in a few days and never touch again. Making it worthless in the end. Sometimes I think people want World of Overwatch.


Couldn’t agree more, I’m utterly baffled at the lack of content anyway and that this is more or less accepted as a standard. It’s beneath what one should expect from full-price game. But people will go along with anything that’s the “status quo” and circularly glorify it in their eyes… Though the question is not whether that is possible, but it goes without saying that this is possible (simply because the game works at least as far as it goes, and it’s also a basic ability of the human mind) and it is not an argument. The reasons are obvious too (maps are to some degree tactically diversified in contrast to each other), but not sufficient. (This is just a little digression on logical basics, often disregarded on the internet.)
The content is very, very little, all maps are annoying at some point or another, only becoming barely bearable after a while again, and also the feeling for “lore” in the game itself is super-thin.
Even differently skinned or themed but otherwise similar maps would be an improvement. And Blizzard World, for example, is some of the thematically laziest or most “generic” maps can imagine anyway.


PvE or Horde mode would take away resources (both developer time and player pool) from the main focus of what this game is about: 6v6 PvP.

Too many game modes and forms of gameplay variety CAN dilute a game’s overall quality. Overwatch has enough competition with other games without cannibalizing its own player bases for every fool on the forums clammoring for OW BR or whatever.

If you want PvE, go play Destiny or something. For real.


Eh. They’re just doing what they said they were going to do. They’re focusing on hero balance, new heroes, new maps. They said they wouldn’t add any new event content, though I suspect something is coming for Archives despite that.


TF2 has spoiled me rotten with their content release. First few months i played cp_lazytown and after few months they released most addictive mode ever called payload and then came payload race, new weapons, new maps, new events everytime and finally most addictive mode of them all is MvM.

Now comparing to OW. After 3 years only archives mode is the most fun i ever had. Other modes are same. Lore is great but slow.


Please gimme Competitive Total Mayhem Jeff


I guess what people been asking are something new like events and modes and lores etc.

Other games had all the skins and cosmetics too but with the additional new events and new stuff! “On a faster pace”
Overwatch need to keep up! Its been 3 years of recycled events!


Like what? We have your normal damage, tanks and supports.

These come with new heroes.

New or revamped? I personally think the current one is fine.

As much as I would like this, people will use it to abuse others over it. We’re fine without it.


New lore
More unique mechanics
Permanent PvE
New events or at least new event games
New non-event game modes
New map types
Daily/Weekly challenges or quests
Social features
Revamped medal system, Sr and MMR system


They’re working on that

It comes with new heroes

No thanks, Scoreboard would just add more toxicity and the others are not needed.

A Campain would be amazing, but I hope they made a full DLC (for like 30$). Permanent PVE mode why not, instead of players vs IA but not in Arcade, it would be too easy to farm boxes.


Devs are just tooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooow


True, I really hope we could have more heroes per year, maybe 3 repetitive events and then 2 original events.
3 maps a year is good tho


It’s more so sniper choke central. :confused:


Damn Overwatch developers. They need to pull out the wand for Sweet Bae Jesus’ sake. Enough with the messing around. Do it now! Should only take minute to unsheath the thing and deliver. Domino’s still only takes about 30 minutes. This stuff is like clip art and animated gifs right? It’s out there. Grab it!