Give us ACTUAL content please


This game is losing momentum and fast…
Most people are tired of the same ol same ol stuff.

New maps, new heros, new skins… these are just table scraps at this point…

With all the new games coming on the horizon, the Overwatch team needs to start pumping out content to keep us interested in the game.

Every angry or frustrated rant on these forums(including this one) aren’t here because we hate the game. It’s passion, we love this game, and it’s heartbreaking to know it’s headed down a path where it’ll be left behind.



Out of curiosity, if heroes, maps, etc, doesn’t count as content to you…what DOES?


Yeah, these are all acceptable forms of content. I think the real complaint should be that they just come too slowly to be meaningful compared to how long we have to wait for them (particularly balance-neutral stuff, like skins)


What exactly do you define as “content” then? Because as a casual player, maps, skins, and heroes are exactly the sort of content I enjoy. Those interest me much more than numbers changes (though they’re totally important, don’t get me wrong).

And of course I’d be down for more game modes, but those take a decent while to make.


New modes
New roles
New mechanics
New skills
New talents or finally items added
New huds
Campaing mode
Permanent pve mode
Replay system
Horde mode


I agree that things come out slower than I’d really like, but Blizz does put a lot of care into their maps and characters, they just could admittedly do a better job at Balancing them


What…do you actually want? New game modes?


“Give us content please.”
Adds map content
“Ok yeah but like ACTUAL content pls.”


These. All of these.

Thank you.


those are the same thing


Horde mode would be pve yes, but there are other pve events.


See, I want to believe that… but then I do see how they’re balanced, how lore-deficient they are, how buggy they can be… For the amount of time it takes, I really would expect those new heroes and maps to be darn near perfect, but they’re not. I guess I’m just very much so… whelmed by the content itself, and then I look at how long it took to get there.

I think really it’s just that Blizzard’s preoccupied with other things, and I’ve had this sneaking suspicion for a while that their engine for Overwatch may actually be the root of a lot of problems ever since I heard that Bungie’s engine for Destiny causes a lot of issues that manifest themselves to the community as lethargic content output. Basically, high degrees of inefficiency intrinsic to the framework they’re using


You’re basically asking for another game


also…what is a talent?..and items?..yes this was originally based on a moba, but guess what…its not one


Truthfully, I don’t understand what they meant by that either, but whatever it was they were thinking… it’s something added.


you know, just because you CAN add something, doesnt mean you SHOULD


Well at the end of the day it’s at their discretion. Those are just ideas thrown at them to, you know, keep the game from flatlining and bring in more players and hold the ones still here.


I gotta say yeah… maps hero’s and skins are enough content to keep the game going. I mean sure new game modes would be nice but lets face it most FPS have trouble coming up with new modes that actually work.

That said the quality of the content we get and the speed in which we get its fairly lacking. I mean the new Paris map is fairly boring. It’s very restrictive, low skybox one narrow choke point on the first objective and a nearly impossible second point to try and defend.

For the most part it’s just a very short and straight forward 2cp map. Sure the environment looks amazing, but nothing about it really has an impact on how you play. There are no jump pads, few environmental kill zones, most of the roofs slope so you can’t stand on them and the Line of sight is so short.

Paris was made for Goats, just tank it up and rush in. No real tactics of finesse possible.


I’ve played nearly every day since Christmas 2017, a little over a year now. I’ve been a huge fan of blizzard since the warcraft 1 days. I like overwatch and I could probably play the game for years but at this point I’m frustrated.

The biggest problem is people not picking at least 1 tank with a shield consistently every match.
I usually pick the shield tank.
When we have no healers I pick a mercy or Ana.

When we have 3 dps and a Hog I just say f it, pick Mercy because someone is going to die and I really want to win.

I want to play dps sometimes too, but when I do… no shield tank or heals. How am I supposed to have fun when I’m dead or hiding behind a wall 80% of the game?

This new Paris map is BOOP central and just stress full, just a stressful frustrating boop map with a top of places for flankers and Moira balls. Mehhhhhhh.

Devs, if you guys are reading this, know that people like me in our first year are looking for a way out. You guys have to get people playing tanks and healers and less widow, tracer, and Cree.

If the next hero isn’t a MAIN TANK with a shield that’s at least as strong as Orissa or Rein, just know I’m out.

Also take a firm stance against gameplay sabotage and ban leavers and ban throwers when they throw on purpose in competitive. I’ve reported 3 people this week that we’re so toxic it was unreal but I’ve recieved no indication that they were punished. I play on console.