Give Symmetra A Gun

Give her laser gun that requires 100 accuracy but with unlimited range! It has a thin beam but more harder to aim than zarya with a compensation of unli range.

I dont want to change her weapon too much but if you guys wanted her to aim and have range then laser beam is the answer not bullets

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it would kinda make her boring to change her gun from what it currently is (plus it would kinda ruin the achievement where she’s suppose hit the oppont with her gun beam and her turret beam) its also pretty satifying to kill a hero with the beam and its good counter to genji (also if they changed her gun to a projectile weapon it could be defelcted by genji) also i feel like her beam weapon is pretty iconic to her and feel like it would be too much of a big change.

Honestly changes like these make me feel like people don’t like symmetra’s kit at all and would rather have her deleted and replaced with a completely new feels like people want to change every ability in her kit.

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I think it should be an accuracy beam except you still need to be close to them. It would deal a lot more damage than before. Because I like the idea of melting whoever comes close and until then unleashing some turtle-speed projectiles

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But yeah please don’t make it a typical gun like everyone else.

Then ask for tweaks than a rework if you want to see her as a good pick. She started out with a beam so let it stay that way. You want her to be a hit scan then let her right click do that. Bam! She’s similar to Mei, but minus the freeze concept. Improvise please.

I don’t think the beam needs to get fixed, just her orbs. I say this because Symmetra is a really good hero for people to learn the game with, and she’s great for people with disabilities that want to play but struggle with aiming.

I think they can turn her alt fire into something more gun like, but I’d be disappointed to see her beam leave.


When did i say that her weapon to be projectile?

If her weapon is a laser beam with unlimited range it will change not only her skill
But also she can actually hit enemy pharah and becasue its still a laser genji and dva cant deflect and eat it., she still have turrets to compensate for the flankers and we dont know her other ability in the reworks yet

i know right! her beam gun is really fun to play with and changing it would be boring

i didn’t mean to reply you that was a mistake sorry!

i rarely use her beam as a symmetra main… you should be using her alternate fire much much more learning when to use charged orbs or uncharged. People WILL MOVE to avoid your orbs and sometimes that’s better then a kill forcing a orisa/bastion out of their positioning can win a team fight. or just deniening space in the choke cause there’s orbs flying through there often will force the enemy to either die or adapt you can then use this your avantage to force enemies to go different flanks and run into your microwave.

I want to be shot gunned down by Symmetra.

I think removing the autolock would both give her more room to be viable at higher ranks and get people to take her a bit more seriously.

In her current state of the rework she has a beam like Zarya. With increasing damage the longer she deals some. Also when used against barriers it generates ammo instead of consuming.

(There is a thread in which Geoff explained some of the current changes)


Geguri is gonna stomp on this hero

Geoff goodmen said that symmetra will no longer have auto aim but instead will have a straight fire beam the increases damage if you can keep the beam on your target for 2 seconds.

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Increase the range of her beam to like 10 meters instead of 7 meters. And her energy orb projectile speed should be doubled. Now that’s a nice buff

how about symmertra has the option to chose her gun like three different weapons for three different situations long rang,short rang ,and to create walls and ramps

She doesn’t have the autolock beam anymore according to devs

The beam is more like zaryas dps changed to 65/130/195 orbs now deal 130 on direct hits and instead of passing through enemies explodes on contact and the projectile speed has been tripled