Give more options for what region we connect to like in DoTA

Instead of just the 3 options in launcher that each include many more servers under them, give us a list of the servers we prefer to connect to like in DoTA 2 -imgur. com/a/XW3kElm

As you can see here -mgur. com/a/XW3kElm- for example, you have two options, either choose to connect to up to 3 specific regions or set the matchmaking to automatically pick the best region. In Overwatch we only have the second option unfortunately.

I should not be forced to connect to the Middle East servers - or any other servers - when I can’t speak their language and communicate with them in a team based game just because I’m a little bit closer to that region and the matchmaking thinks it’s worth the 40ms reduction in latency.

Also, you should be able to pick only the closest regions to you if you would rather wait more for a higher quality connection or pick more regions if you would rather get a match sooner at the cost of your connection quality to the server, it should be up to the player to decide what trade off they make.

Some people say that you can use firewall to block the servers you don’t want to connect to, that’s a fine temporary solution but it sometime break with updates, and we deserve a more streamlined solution by now, people have been asking for this for more than a year at least.