Give me some new OW2 info, seriously

This is just beyond ridiculous at this point.

They announce a brand new game, promise us new maps, heroes, missions, but they never share anything else with us until a year or so after the announcement of the game?

I stopped playing a few weeks ago, i’ll hop in Monday to check out the new cosmetics, other than that i am no longer interested in this game because of the lack of content and news from the developers.

Look, i understand game development takes time, but surely they can share something new about the sequel right about now right?

What’s with all this silence about OW2? they’re not doing anything to hype it up, not one bit, and it’s making me frustrated and angry.

Many people feel the same way, i am sure of it, don’t lie to yourselves, you all want to hear more about their future plans, stop deceiving yourselves.

I quit Overwatch until they share more good information about Overwatch 2.

This is perhaps my final forum post, Goodbye.

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… you want a hype post about something that we may not see for a year or more?


It would be nice to get an OW2 beta soon :wink:

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I mean, this is the norm for most game developers. They announce the game with some gameplay or even a demo and usually it’s not really brought up in the same capacity until the game is close to release.

Have a little more patience. Its coming.

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The OW2 reveal was rushed to help stop the bad publicity they were getting from Hong Kong.

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No, I dont think that was it. I think it was revealed because it was blizzcon. They also addressed the controversy (kinda poorly I’ll give you that) at blizzcon.

I genuinely think the announcement was rushed because of Blitzchung’s whole incident… In which case, it’s not really their fault. Prior to the announcement, we were already getting slow updates. Heck, right now we’re getting way more than we were before.

Here… information! (Albeit most of it is old news)

It’s a story mode. It’s really hard to share info without revealing too much in that case… Honestly, I’d just wait. :man_shrugging:t5:

Patience was never a big problem for me. When Overwatch was originally announced I didn’t have a problem waiting then either.

Imagine how elder scrolls fans feel after the ES6 announcement

You nailed it. Was plain as day they were diverting.

We probably wont get anything new till Blizzcon.
Though, that summer games fest thing, Blizzard was confirmed to be attending, but that thing goes on until like July. So who knows.

I am just lucky that I have no faith in Betheseda anymore. Elder Scrolls 6 was never going to be as good as Skyrim.

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;-; I have been craving for any news about it so badly like atleast for OW2 you were able to see the gameplay a little bit, for ES6 they just teased you and literally forgot about it ;-;

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