Give me ONE solid reason WHY Mercy shouldn't be changed


because the meta doesn’t fit her anymore

meta = winrates change

mccree is a balanced hero even though is winrate is 48% because he simply isn’t meta. if he was it would go up a few percentages


Give me ONE solid reason WHY you had to make another post about Mercy when there are already hundreds of them.


Her winrate is pretty terrible everywhere. Not just competitive.


Because the Devs still aren’t listening, probably.


her numbers outside of competitive doesn’t matter though

she is balanced for competitive play


A lot of people say my idea of how Mercy’s kit should be is a nerf. To me this version would open up so many new playstyles and opportunities for Mercy.

Titanium’s thread is well written, thought out and it hasn’t gotten any attention from the devs. (not to mention there are other heroes that need to be buffed/nerfed/reworked and Blizzard completely ignores them)


No thats moira and ana surpasses her in plat


Who said they aren’t? Because they don’t answer to each and every post made about Mercy? Because being vocal gives you any privilege? Or it makes you right maybe?


Because they are either thrown in the dumpster cough I mean Megathread ,that’s constantly closed or flagged, or the thread gets locked.

Anyone has the right to make threads. That way their opinion can be heard. And don’t tell me “You start repeating yourself” , We’re not the same person, everyone has a different opinion that needs to be heard. If you don’t like it don’t read it and don’t comment it.


Because even though they “read our feedback every day”, their activity says otherwise.


Because it’s so obvious… If they did listen, they’d give a response.


Yep, mob mentality again. I’m out.


It’s not mob mentality if it’s true, dude.
Otherwise, they’d be responding to all of the hero topics. Not just the Mercy ones.


Oh they gave a response “Mercy is balanced and don’t need changes” , month after that Mercy got a nerf.


winrates are not accurate yet

mercy was a hero that worked on any map, now you need to adapt like every other healer if she is not working.


Her original design was to be the most versatile support in the game. Why change that?


Mercy doesnt have to aim and has GA so her healing output depends on consistency. If you are consistent, you will be the main healer and will ALWAYS surpass Lucio/Zen/Brig. Sometimes even Ana and Moira since they have lower mobility.

Her risk ratio is insanely low and her impact is huge so yeah, you have to work for it now more than before but it can definetly be done and thats how it should be.


because that’s a stupid design

why should mercy dominate everywhere? moira is better on tight deathball comps and tight maps like kings row while ana is better on open long range maps like numbani yet mercy was still being picked everywhere and beating them in their own niche


Flashbacks to the beyblade meta where ana dominated.


She probably should be changed, but only once other heroes have been looked into who have been waiting patiently for a long time.

I’d prefer:
Increase HPS to 55
Remove chain from valk, increase hps/damage boost while in valk mode
Remove Res from E, add HOT/damage reduction ability to E