Give me back my groupfinder on playstation

I used to love finding a group who all had mics and being able to talk and coordinate with my team going into comp.

Now every game is dead silent and i cant find anyone to play with.

Who thought it was a good idea to remove this and why hasnt it made a return this long after release? Is it even being returned?

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It will come back mate. As a paid feature

I just got banned on ps and i started playing on Xbox and they have a built in LFG and the game has improved dramatically since i can find a team for whatever

which proves that xbox is more social than PS5. LFG. ability to purchase movies. ability to browse web. backwards compatibility. maybe PoS5 is a better title to be honest.

I also noticed that 90% of ranked role q us xbox (probably cuz they can group) and there’s waaaay more psn in open q.

Make friends with a xbox player and have them make groups, my friends gave ow another try now that they can join me and i can make groups. And yes the group finder is STILL filled with throw groups and the “im a top 500 will carry any rank” blah blah

the fact that psn doesn’t have LFG isn’t surprising considering psn also doesn’t even have an accessible web browser.

When did Xbox get a built in LFG?

Did Blizzard add it to the actual ow2 game or does Xbox console have a separate LFG feature?

(Either way this sucks, cause I’m on ps4 :expressionless:)

Xbox has an lfg for whaever game you’re playing. Like destiny 2 there’s usually 600+ post apex like 200. Loses q is a very real thing but now i only 5 stack in rp qp and it feels way more balanced. I haven’t had a qp where the other team has some gms and my guy is so new he doesnt even have an achievement yet

It’s an Xbox feature created by Microsoft, used for all games on Xbox, has nothing to do with Blizzard. Blame Sony for not creating a player friendly feature to find groups for all PS games. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Dam that’s a nice feature, wish Sony would implement something similar to PlayStation.

Since comp has SR range restrictions, can you limit who can join based on ranks? Or do you just put the group SR rating in the title of the group?

now thats clarity. whereas below, i thought they were referring to xbox [ow version]. i didn’t know that they meant xbox OS.

plus, the reason that i genuinely thought xbox ow version had LFG was bc of the LFG restoration rumors. so when jello mentioned it, i was like, oh they got it back, we didn’t. but jello meant xbox OS.

It’s not connected to the game so it can’t check ranks and such for you, you’d have to specify and then check to make sure everyone in the group should be there, so you create the group, put what criteria you’re looking for ie “looking for group for ranked play, diamond players only, need support and dps, mics mandatory, open profile mandatory, no kids” etc etc and give it a title and then anybody can see it and join the group.

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