Give mcree a horse

Make the horse a dreadsteed from wow and I’m down.

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better tiny robotic pony! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Add a mini game where different heroes race on different vehicles, basically Overwatch Mario Cart.

McCree has a horse
Ana has a rascal mobility scooter
76 has a golf buggy
Sombra has a Tron bike
Hog and Junk get their motorbike and sidecar
Mercy gets an ambulance
Torb gets his turret but he’s bolted rockets to it
Sym gets a car made out of light
Genji and Hanzo get tiny dragons
Orisa finally gets to use her legs like a horse


Torb rides Brigitte like in her spray
Winston sat inside a big tire just rolling it
Dva’s mechs legs get replaced by wheels
Zarya on one of those manual railways carts where you push up and down
Mei sprays ice in front of her and surfs on it

We now just need Zen, Doom, Widow, Moira and Reaper. Tracer, Rein and Pharah too, their abilities could work but I’d rather have something more wacky.


Mcree would summon a horse outta nowhere and ride off for five seconds. The horse can be killed has a cooldowns of ten seconds.

Easy Mcree buff!


Guys, come on, McCree already has a horse in the game, her name is Orisa, and he loves her very much, how do y’all keep forgetting this?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


McCree’s strength lies in his dueling ability thanks to the damage output of his weapon (hell, his roll reloads his weapon, allowing him to dish out even more damage). However, I think this is balanced out by his low mobility. In my opinion, adding the horse would certainly remove McCree’s weakness and potentially make him too powerful.

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McCree should be able to ride Orisa. No… McCree should be able to ride anyone!

“Everything can be ridden. And everyone!”

He kicks them with his spurs and they get a speed boost.


I don’t know why, but now I really want a McCree CGI short with him on a horse. Make it look all cool like a Western with western rattle snake music.


Make Overwatch like Paladins


Give McCree a sassy Omnic horse that talks.

Let it ride straight up walls to get McCree onto high ground.

Make sure Roadhog makes weird noises when he gets ridden.


Make his ult dual wield Gunzerker for maximum yee-haw!

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now i’m imagining mccree with a horse. Or mccree riding orisa. That’ll be fun.

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meanwhile a certain cowboy bebop episode comes to mind… bless your heart for triggering such a memory lmao

Spike Spiegel skin please.

I’m just gonna go all-in and say make McCree a Centaur.

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Nah, let’s give him akimbo peacemakers

Give him a horse AND keep the roll! Let him roll with the horse PLEASE!!! XD

How about a lasso? Could be used similar to how Widow uses her grappling hook. Except maybe it can have two uses. It can be used as a escape or an attack.