Give headshot back to bastion

what do you think about this buff? i dont think they should straight up buff bastion. he needs rework imo. any buff to bastion will make pirate ship even more strong. they should make him stronger by his own. but he shouldnt be extremely annoying when protected.

i still dont get how peoples are worried about pirateship,

it can easily becountered, but peoples just dont do it.
i know since i do it alot and get it to the face too alot

junkrat/phara/hanzo just obliterates him, you can say the contrary…it wont be true

Yes, These CURRENTLY can counter pirate ship. The concern is that if you buff bastions sentry mode this will no longer be the case.

Pharah against tighter spread and/or headshot damage in turret mode again? Say goodbye to that counter.

Junkrat? Perhaps on off angles when Bastion does not have a barrier (however bastion often has both an orisa and a rein so not likely).

Hanzo? Only his ult and only on the cart itself. A reposition is easily performed for a temp setup.

Improve sentry mode and you make many options less effective to the point that bunker/pirateship becomes meta.

you know that bastion pre-patch was more powerfull, and now is just a very toned down to his actualy performance…

i dont see how doing this buff to bastion is bad, when he is bullied by everyone, and is only viable when he sets up and secure one location, every hero can kill him

your thinking its gonna be a lazer beam of bullet, it wont, its will just be the same spread as this but just a bit smaller, thats all

As best as I can tell you are saying “His current sentry mode is a shell of its former self.”

Which I would answer. It is less powerful then it use to be. That was the entire point. Sentry mode was far to powerful before. Now it is just right. Powerful against larger targets at mid to short range. Weak against smaller targets mid to long range.

  1. He would murder tanks even more then he does now due to headshot damage being returned. He is already powerful against them at the mid to short range. Why does he need more of it?

  2. He would murder squishies at mid to short range as well. He is currently at a moderate performance against them while bunkered. Why do we need to improve this?

Your logic is “He is struggling when jumped on! Lets make him kill everything FASTER to counter that!”. Which just does not make sense to me.

Why not address it in a manner that helps him SURVIVE being jumped without overloading his damage to the point of being unfair?

No, I am not. I clearly state

that either the combination of both OR giving him either would be a bad thing.

If its smaller then it is NOT the same.

you do know that bastion power is to compensate about his mobility /size /health

Saw some activity here, what’s going on…

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Yes. I know that. I am of the opinion that he is already fairly compensated for his mobility/size/health in regards to damage.

And i am of the opinion that he’s a giant hitbox with a nerf gun.

Seriously… how can somebody play Bastion ever at all and say that he’s “Ok” To any degree?

Sorry, i just don’t understand.

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Check my edit. I meant in regards to DAMAGE.

Also check this… post I made earlier in the thread.

I clearly think Bastion needs help. I just think its a bad idea to front load all of his power in his damage. Why not give him tools that allow him to be more independent rather then give him more damage to solidify him as a niche pick that requires his team to build around him to work?


  • His team wouldn’t need to build around him if he was capable of defending himself.


  • He doesn’t need self sustain for defense, only the ability to kill before he is killed. Henceforth the focus of his balance and his kit is on his damage output.

And thirdly:

  • Check this… from a thread i helped make earlier in this forum:

Should help explain some of my points about sentry.
Mainly… It still doesn’t function as it should in denying areas, and rewarding the abilities of the player in question.

This isn’t all about what it looks like on paper
This is about what the game feels like.

When a Soldier: 76 can simply run into a room with a Sentry Bastion and kill it without thinking, That’s a problem.

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No hero would need teammates if their damage is so overloaded that you can just shoot your way to victory. This does not speak to fair play or proper balance. It is attempting to overcompensate for a problem in an unbalanced way instead of tackling the issue head on.

Bastion is not surviving? Give him more shooty? What?

See previous answer.

However, I would also contest the point of not needing self sustain. If he is not suffering from self sustain why is he getting destroyed by enemies so easily. If he does not suffer from self sustain problems why is he so dependent on having at least one barrier (if not two) AND a healer pocket to do his job?

Damage is not the reason as he MELTS people right now with the damage output he has. Is it a long range damage dealer? Of course not. That would be unfair. But the majority of the game is played mid to close.

His ability to self sustain and relocate himself is the issue in my honest opinion. Frontloading his kit with damage is what got him in the niche role he is in today. When you front load all the power of a hero into one aspect there is very little that can be done in a fair manner to help them otherwise.

No, Bastion needs something other then damage. If damage was his issue he would not have been niche BEFORE his damage changes.

You… clearly did not understand what i meant.

Bastion Requires certain other heroes, to be played.
If Mccree, or Tracer, or Soldier 76 required other heroes to be played, just to shield and pocket them, wouldn’t you see an issue?

Lazy story writing but ok.

Because he can’t kill, in optimal situations, faster than his enemies.

Range and speed to kill aren’t really connected in this conversation.
I miss whatever point you’re trying to make there.

He cannot kill quickly enough, in the right situations.

People abuse this.

Uh… As somebody with over 100 hours on the hero, i must disagree wholeheartedly.

Firstly, what got him here in his… “Niche” Which isn’t a real niche, was the devs deciding to make a random change that wasn’t asked for.

And secondly… Good Bastion players can already sustain themselves and relocate perfectly fine.

When it comes down to it, you die when you fight anyone.
In any engagement… he simply lacks the damage to deal with his enemies quickly enough.

He was niche before his damage changes, because with those changes came the ability to heal while taking any damage, move while healing, and actually hit anything with his recon spread.

We’ll just agree to disagree Chibi.

I find him damaging enough. The issue is that he is to reliant on his team due to his need to be in sentry mode constantly. A stationary target (regardless of the damage output) will always be a niche role.

A hero that can quickly reposition and take care of themselves in a fight is far less dependent on needing X hero and Y hero to produce.

You are free to.

If it cannot protect itself upon giving up said mobility, Then yes.

A stationary cat is still more dangerous than a very mobile dog.

This is about potential damage output, given the situation.

Lol no, the common sentiment is he needs a change (not mine, I think he’s fine and positive changes would make pirate ship even deadlier and harder to counter), but adding headshots back would be overkill.

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You know that Bastion doesn’t have to be a nono to every Pharah just by being on sentry mode, right?
It is actually easy to kill her on recon mode than sentry on most of the cases.

Not when I play rein, you have to be fairly close, or the bastion doesn’t know you are coming

I think it might word depending on the numbers. If it’s something stupidly long like 4 seconds then they screwed up.

i find it impressibe how people jsut want to nerf bastion even more, when there are other hero out there with far better dmg/gameplay with hiden ability and better passive ability

like phar-mercy that has been broken since the game release,
you either go full team to counter it or get destroyed by it