Give a official pinned topic about MMR, SR and Ranking plx

There is somewhat confusion on how ranking work.
I couldn’t find a official Blizzard topic about this, what I did find is some good explanations of people (some a bit outdated but i think it’s still the same ???)

Blizzard : could you plx make an official post on how MMR, SR and ranked works.
(shouldn’t be hard for you guys and I do think it would promote better team work in general if people understand that going solo is usually not the way to go)

For other gamers: here is what I found usefull and I hope it will be usefull for you
Big thanks to Kaawumba for his awesome post and Cliff Terios for the vidz:

Here are the link:

  1. How Competitive Skill rating works
    How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 11)
  2. MMR explained
    MatchMaking Rating (MMR) EXPLAINED | Overwatch - YouTube
  3. Overwatch Ranked explained
    Overwatch Ranked EXPLAINED - YouTube
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There is a mega thread in the general discussion with all the info you need on pretty much anything Overwatch Dev Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Facts & Beta Info

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Thanks, but that link is pretty out of date. The current version is at How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 21).

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Blizz will never tell us how the MMR system works. Side note, they have never created a good MM system.


The system is fine, it just doesn’t account for the players’ behavior. If nobody ever cheated, threw, or created new accounts to smurf on, the matchmaker would probably be incredibly accurate, imo.

MMR doesnt really matter anyway, If you care about any of this stuff it prob means you think the system is against you and your trying to find a reason besides yourself to why you cant win games.

That’s just it…we don’t know …perhaps they have the best system :slight_smile: