Give a Hanzo a new ability, due to storm Nerf

not to mention stylosa’s clickbait titles and habit of repeating himself over and over until the video is over 10 minutes long. his “facts” are one thing, his presentation is another.

Soldier has falloff damage and spread, and doesn’t have vertical mobility outside a rocket jump.

You are afraid that Hanzo won’t be op anymore

If we compensated Overpowered characters then:

Ana would still be OP from Beyblade Meta
Mercy would still be OP after sledgehammer Valk nerf
D.Va would still be the most picked tank

You get the point, some characters are nerfed because they’re overtuned and Hanzo was overtuned and likely still is after this nerf.

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They never said it was the one and only reason for the nerf.
He was justifying the specific number

Widow, who is also a sniper, doesn’t have a close range capacity that comes anywhere near Hanzo’s

Allow his recon arrow ability slot to be the new recon slot and allow him to switch it from a quiver. New arrows|
-Tether arrow, landing it on an enemy will attach them to a 5 meter rope that will hold them in that radius of 4 seconds.
-Smoke screen arrow, disorients view for enemy severely while inside and only lightly for self and teammates.

It really is simple. You can even tell Blizzard was flat out lying in their reasoning to nerf Storm Arrow.

They claimed they did not want it one-shotting the likes of Tracer, and the potential damage per hit when Mercy boosted…

If that was the case then why wasn’t the total damage kept the same and the per hit damage lowered (like adding 1 more arrow and making them all do same damage)

There was no evidence Hanzo or Storm was in need of a nerf, and even their justification doesn’t make sense.


You’re right. We only have one chance to somplain, I feel they change something and that new thing isn’t right either, we can’t moan. Not allowed

This guy…

“My OP hero got 10 damage removed, HES TRASH GIVE HIM A CC ABILITY!!!”

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He got 60 damage removed. There is no cc on the nerfed dragon ability. Also let me get this you are all complaining about an ability with a maximum 60 damage to a single target. His normal arrows do 125 when fully charged, I’m just suggesting an ability that would ad an option. You guys show your hate because you can’t think how this logically doesn’t make it better than just firing a normal shot… Unless the situation Calls for it…

im not sure nerfing means you reallocate the dmg somewhere else, i think its means, its too strong so we are toning it down.
all the hanzo mains complaining but if you look at the stats, hes clearly too strong. even when i started playing him and im not a hanzo main, its a joke, i dont even aim and im instantly deleting everything in sight. if i was a main, sweet mother of …

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Not true they nerfed it for headshots and one hit kills not for overall damsge the reason matters

He didn’t said “‘because’ it drops…”, he is giving the reason for the specific number.
After that he even said they will analyse the ult charge after the ability lands in a good place, which means this 10 damage nerf can be not final

His normal shots have a fire rate of 1 per second and you are slowed down while charging. Storm Arrows shoot at 4 per second, which causes almost double at the same amount of time, without the slow on walk speed

You don’t have to say “because it drops”, he made the following statement which obviously was specific therefore equates to reason.

If he said “We’re reducing the damage per arrow from 80 to 70 because we feel it was too much.” it would be a different story.

Secondly, let them look at ult charge they are going to do whatever they want.
There is no real evidence that is showing him as unbalanced.
Wouldn’t be the first time Blizzards action completely contradict logic, reason, and math.

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… Are you ignoring that I’m talking about the ability I am suggesting?

Stating one fact doesn’t mean it’s the one and sole reason, and there are evidence to show his op state even without all the informations they have.
Right now he is good ad close, mid and long range, with great mobility. He is the most picked dps by far, almost double pick rate of the second most picked.
Also, he is doing the same amount of damage as Junkrat, a shield buster, which is not normal for a character whose purpose is to be mid-long range. Even in gm Widowmaker’s damage barely reaches half of his

I guess reading is hard for you.

They gave 2 reasons.

First… The one-shotting (Tracer)

Second… Potential damage when Mercy Boosted.

Both are illogical and BS reasons given the change.

1.) There is no evidence showing him overpowered.

2.) What you subjectively think he is good at does not equate to evidence.

3.) Pick rate does not mean anything unless he is actually performing better than all other dps in most categories.

4.) Widowmaker is a sniper, made for picks only, Hanzo is not.

Anything else?


Just adapt to it , the dev teams need money to survive , in order to survive they need to maintain the popularity of overwatch .
That why when people cry and post some garbage thread in here saying they are leaving overwatch to threaten the dev team, the dev is forced to nerf the character , no choice .

More like interpretation is hard for you, since he is giving a reason for a specific number, not saying this is the only reason.

There is

When this pickrate is more than triple any other dps, this is a clear indication

And yet he can do what she does, and much more in other areas
But again, if you are still denying he is op, I’m just wasting my time with you.

1.) So you do have a reading comprehension problem. Got it.
He gave two clear reasons. Perhaps English is not your first language. If it isn’t it is excusable.

2.) Prove it.

3.) So you don’t understand how math and statistics work. Understood.

4.) No he cannot. He is not hitscan. His kit is very different. Yes, typically that is what happens when you get called out on making blatantly false statements. You run into this brick wall called “evidence” and “logic”.

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