Give a Hanzo a new ability, due to storm Nerf


You are taking some of his DPS away put it into something like DRAGON’S ARROW from hots.

Nerfed version for overwatch
Fire a electric dragon that zags 3-6 meters then flys straight across the battlefield directly ahead only no headshot. Explodes upon hitting an enemy Hero, dealing 20 damage to the initial target and arcing into enemies close to the initial target for 3 seconds at a quarter damage. After traveling a medium distance, the damage is increased to 40. After traveling a long distance, the damage is increased to 60.

His would actually be a positive for those who want storm arrows nerfed even more as they don’t have much room to tweak his kit ATM and another ability to buff when storm arrows are nerfed again would help.


Nerf already? Seriously, people cry about scatter and they remove it. People cry about storm and they nerf it…

I dont think a stun would be a great idea unless we want even more “CC doesn’t belong in fps!!” But I like the idea of a chain shock with a reduced damage. That seems kind of fitting. It’s something that, afaik, currently nobody really has and it WOULD work in a fps style. It could be a good skill to use strategically.


more CC in this game?

NO thx

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So then what about the idea to replace the cc with the arc?


Bastion got nerfed into the ground without compensation.

Why would you expect special treatment for a simple nerf?
Hanzo needed it anyways, for “Balance”

Yes i’m salty about Hanzo. -.-
No i will not Apologize.
No this is not directed towards anyone Specifically.

At least it’s a better experience overall than “Scatter!”


he has now :

faster arrows
more mobility
a more powerfull FTH
faster ult charge because of storm arrows

and u want even more? because they nerf fan the arrow by only 10 per arrow???

even with this slight nerf he will be viable


Hanzo got reworked completely unlike bastion.


Hanzo is getting nerfed. That doesn’t imply any compensation.


That’s a 60 damage nerf


Yea, at least he got that.

Bastion just got Nerfed and left in the Trash.


Doesn’t mean it can’t they nerfed him due to being able to one shot, not due to doing too much damage.


We don’t need compensation for every nerf.


Bastion still steamrolls literally any point that lets him sit still, which is pretty often.

Hanzo was powerful but I don’t think he was powerful enough to get a nerf…


I think Hanzo will be fine. Let’s just wait first.


On a move that has the potential of doing almost 2x the damage of the move it replaced. Oh no!



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Try grav-dragons.

Honestly, even if nerf doesn’t fix issue directly, as long as it will scare away all the new-found Hanzo mains I’ll be happy.


Omg stop telling g Hanzo players to wait we’ve been waiting since they reworked him and people whine and cry over any positive Hanzo ability. It’s a fact that if Hanzo was given wet noodle to shoot that did 0 damage they would still whine…


Guess Bastion steamrolls 0.56% of the time.

Also, no i’m not arguing. Lol

Right now, Hanzo is literally used as a Must Pick in the Top 500.
That’s a Tiny Bit of a Problem, if he is left too powerful.
ESPECIALLY When Zarya is then played in Every match.


Are they really nerfing it or is it you talking to ppl spamming nerf threads?

If it’s the former, please provide a link with the patch notes.