Give 1-3-2 a chance

The experimental card is not guaranteed to go live. The devs are making us part of the process, and that’s a good thing. They can continue to iterate on the 1-3-2 concept and lets us try it out each step of the way. This is a wonderful thing.

If something great comes out of it and most people are happy, it can go live.

If it doesn’t work out it isn’t going to go live.

This is a huge departure from the old days of “if it goes to PTR it’s going live”.

We should be super stoked that the devs are making us part of their process and letting us try things out rather than keeping it all internal.

Give honest feedback about how the mode makes you feel. Give the devs a chance to address those things. Don’t throw up your hands and say “I’m going to boycott the game” — That’s not helpful.

Remember that they will be making changes to this experimental mode over time. And in the end if it doesn’t work out they will go in a different direction.

hell no
this CANT go live, not a single incarnation of it
they asked for feedback, we’ll be giving it by being loudly negative about it, thats what they asked for after all?

support feels horrible.
theres simply not cover anymore.
widow and hanzo are op, ashe and mccree following by a second
teamwork characters like sym are officially trash picks now. the game feels like a deathmatch now


don’t listen to the person who probably hasn’t even tried it, its so fun. the most fun ive had playing overwatch in years. And I was playing tank.

its the best thing to come to overwatch


But to a whole comp season, I mean, it’s probably the best way to try it out without always having this “QP-easy-mode” feeling to it, but it’s coming.

They can make adjustments over time. Just because it feels that way now doesn’t mean it will always feel that way.

And maybe it will always feed bad and they’ll just not go thru with it.

That’s the entire point. It’s an experiment.

Don’t throw up your hands because you don’t like the first iteration. Let them make several iterations first.

And be specific about what exactly makes it feels bad. If support feels horrible, they can do things to adjust supports to make them feel more fun to play. – It’s possible they may not be able to do that and fail. That’s ok because they just won’t go thru with it.

Or they may surprise you and find ways to address all the concerns.

thats the issue, if they are going to need to readjust to many things then thats because this WASNT meant to actually happen at all
also you cant ask for ppl to shut up. if people dont say anything at all like you are saying then the devs will assume ppl like it

Jeff on 1-3-2.

Emphasis is mine.

The likes of you were saying “give it a chance” before we knew what the buffs were, selling us on the idea that tanks will be “raidbosses.”

What kind of baby raidbosses are these? Blizzard seriously expects anyone to solo tank with this?

Sure, I’ll give it a chance. By playing Mei and Hanzo, that is, and reaping the ez wins.

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too many bad DPS playing

I’m not saying to shut up. I’m saying temper your reaction a little. You don’t need to doom and gloom to give feedback. You can pull back the emotion and provide details on why you don’t like the mode.

Example: “I hate this mode and never want it to go live” is not as helpful as “Supports feel bad in this new mode”.

The first reaction doesn’t give the devs any helpful information to what they can do to improve the mode. The second reaction tells them they need to make changes to supports.

In the end if the adjustments they make don’t pan out, it won’t go live.

Jeff even said in his video “Don’t panic” and if this doesn’t work it’s never going live. Even the dev team has people who are for or against this change. It’s very controversal.

support feels horrible.
theres simply not cover anymore.
widow and hanzo are op, ashe and mccree following by a second
teamwork characters like sym are officially trash picks now. the game feels like a deathmatch now

i did say what i felt what was wrong doe
being negative just put more emphasis on it, because it really was terrible.
unless you play a solo carry non team reliant hero, you wont have any fun in this

i can easily say this is the worst experience ive had in ow.
its like the old bad matches, BUT now they are guaranteed to ALWAYS happen

That’s great. Not every person is though.

I think it depends on how much of the post is feedback vs drama. A little drama won’t hurt. But if the post is mostly drama it can easily drown out the feedback.

This can be fixed. This mode will require radical changes to heroes. They’ve already made a few. They’ll probably make more changes. Those you may like, or maybe not.

I mean, other people have had the opposite reaction. I think there are some big pros and very big cons. It’s possible they can smooth those things over given the chance. And they may completely fail at it.

I think the most exiting thing about this change is it gives Blizzard a way to try things and scrap it if it doesn’t. Before they spent so much time internally doing stuff that they felt they had to push it out. It’s a business thing. If your team spends 6 months on something business-wise it’s a waste of money.

Now they can try things out in the open and not have that pressure to push it out if it fails. It’s a win-win for all of us.