GG can be harmful

So best not to say it.

Gone are the days when competitive gaming was 1v1 duels.

Honor and integrity are not as enforced as back then when cheap tactics, such as abuse of mechanics or even spamming would get you banned from competitive tournements that held so little money it was never worth it.

In our game to be the best you often have to snuff out the competition with another roaring flame. In these days, in our game, you get burned.

So best to not say anything at all til its offered up first by the losing side.

Consideration is key here and context is so very vague that of course people will assume the worse from a bad experience rather than a good one.

So be kind to each other.


Go play minecraft instead lecturing us.
Bro is hungry for some drama for 2 letters…


Good example of how players don’t consider others these days.


He’s just having a hissy fit across multiple threads. If you ignore it, it goes away.


GG used to be used to show sportsmanship tho. I wonder when, why and how it turned into a toxic word.



here is a “competitive game that is 1v1 duel”:

and here is the second game:

So that statement was demonstrably false.

I remember one pro in SC:BW was forced to concede a game after pausing it by accident.

Yeah, rules used to be really strict back in 2008.


Look it doesn’t matter the langue the main issue is this game is competitive if it wasn’t compeitive or if we had a pve you can go there and enjoy yourself the only other thing i can recommend is dont let that bother you just keep queuing.

So i get where this is coming from as someone who plays Qp and 90% of the “gg’s” come from a team that stomped on you and it is derogatory.

I still stand by if you are on a stomping team and want to say gg do it in a manner to convey your actual intentions like

“gg you guys had us pinned hard in that final push well played”
“gg, hey just for next time try to avoid shooting Zar’s shield to keep her damage low”

You know some helpful advice on something you saw them miss, or point out what made it a good game, this way you don’t come across as derogatory but more helpful by pointing out something they did great with or something that can help them in future games not just … GG EZ


Well, not in a team game.
Thanks for turning them around though.

Beyond that, what are you going on about? We both know this isn’t even a tiny ripple to the people you want it to affect.

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Hey if it makes a difference it makes a difference. Consideration and good habits start by being the example, the role model, the icon to show good sportsmanship.

People should just really be nicer to each other. Can’t think of anything more to contribute lol

Yep I agree with you 100%. It’s getting annoying to see these new topics, that come from players that clearly have no idea what sportmanship means.

GG is not harmful at all, EZ on another hand is. End of story.


Hacking to exploits to constant unsportsmanlike behavior due to having issues finding good gamers who can conpete on those levels.

They get away with a lot and there’s been a ton of huge scandals involved with that gane to where the audience always asks “why are they still playing?”

I think when you look at the history long enough you’ll see why GG turned toxic during those RTS eras.

It literally means good game. If you can’t handle someone saying GG you shouldn’t be playing online games. Because you’re not only getting offended by two letters, you’re getting offended at two letters said out of good sportsmanship.


Sadly GG EZ is apart of the e-sport gamer “fad” I mean doesn’t D.Va even support that with an actual “GG EZ” voiceline and her saying “is this ez mode?”

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Until the world got filled with psychopaths, and weirdos.

It started when kids started emulating YouTube personalities. They see a jerk online, getting popular, and making millions, so they think it’s cool.


to all you ppl who keep lecturing others on how to chat…why can’t you just turn off your chat huh? why does everyone ELSE have to accomodate you? that’s not how the world works, grow up.


No she says “GG” and “is this easy mode ?”.
She never said “GG EZ”. Please know your quotes.


Huh? like what? care to elaborate?

Also, that does not change that your statement was false!

Communication is key in this game.

Context matters in communication. From accents, to tones, to various meanings. Just because English is very simplified doesn’t mean that the same message means the same.

Case in point the various testomonies here who have experienced different kinds of GGs.

Also…you can’t just force someone to always accept something nor just expect to be praised for some vague act that is masked as kindness.

“Hey good game!” Has a much different meaning then “HEY! ‘Good game’.”

Ssme words but the person behind it drastically changed the message due to that player’s personality behind it.

Such as…your message being very aggressive and offensive to some suggesting we just accept it. When it would be tons better not to say anything it if didn’t bother you.