Getting Suspended before a game starts


I think there may be a bug queuing for a comp game, I was waiting for a comp but before I was pulled into a game I was suspended and lost 50 comp points for no good reason.


It’s been happening to me as well. Happened 4 times yesterday. The game servers are jacked after the new update. Is your latency spiking to ridiculous numbers as well before it happens? I normally play customs while I wait, so once a game is found it gets stuck on Game Found and my latency spikes. I can see the typing in teamchat sometimes as well, but it never shows me joining it.


It seems my latency was not too bad, but I did not see or hear anything, a game start screen did not even appear.

Would be bad if it were to happen again, it ruins the feel for the game!

My in-game latency is fine, it’s only when the system finds a new game does it spike.

For example, I play 1v11 custom and it’ll pull me out of the custom midgame showing the Joining Game screen, yet the LAT is still showing from the custom, but it spiked to 500+. I then get a Server closed due to an unexpected error notification in the chatbox after it takes me back to the front screen.

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oooh that’s rough, I did not pay that much attention to notice a spike, just a big phat notification “Suspended” rip

This just happened to me right now. I don’t mind losing SR from losing games, but this appears to be a bug. I am scared to play any more the rest of the night and maybe for a few days.

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This just happened to me for the 3rd time while trying to join a comp match. I played qp for a couple hours with 0 issues whatsoever and then my 4th game into comp didnt join me and im now banned for 8 hours

This happened to me as well. I don’t want to play until there is an update.

Also, when in QP, the enemy team lost 3 players from rage quitting (game was about to lose) And then bam, game suddenly ended, everyone was kicked out of the game because ‘there weren’t enough players’ and I lost endorsement levels because the game took it that I left in the middle of a game.

This is getting ridiculous.

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Since I found this post, there seem to be many more. I can’t find any responses to this problem yet. I saw one post had an OW tech response, but it didn’t see this at a bug at that time. I imagine since this is more widespread it may be looked into! I’d avoid comp for a bit in case!

I am done, it happened again! I was playing games perfectly fine until I queued for comp with a friend, it showed that a game was found and not even two seconds I was suspended, So no it was not a connection issue, I did not get a connection error, all it did was take more sr from me.

Come on it’s been happening with a lot of people, it’s been three days, when will we be getting useful answers?!

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This has started again. Happened to me 5 times are the last month. Never happened to me before. Now 2 times within 3 games. Each time -SR and time suspension. Even in the replay list the games for which I am penalised are not even shown. Sort this it out please.

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Happened again. Now suspended for 8 hours. Able to talk in team and game chat but cant connect to server no matter how much I spam Rejoin Match or restart OW. Just epic.

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I just head a very similar experience.
Got disconnected at the End of the match first (even with the ‘latency issue’ icon).
After 15 minutes of suspension, I joined the next comp game.
Before it really started, I got dc’d, couldn’t rejoin, and immediately got a 60 min suspension.