Getting sr back

If you lose to a hacker/smurf, and he gets banned,do you get your sr back?

Sadly enough, no.

Blizzard does not refund any SR.

You can learn more about this topic here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

If the match is finalized, then that goes down on the record regardless if there is a cheater or not. If a person attempts to cheat and is detected in the middle of a match, the game cancels out and results in a no contest.

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No, blizzard owes me at least 3k Sr between leavers, smurfs, throwers ect…

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They do not owe you any SR.

It’s stated in their terms they do not give it back, please do read this Article.


I guess i should have notes my post as satire. Im not the type to care enough to even cry about SR, so ill say at least 3k SR has been unfairly taken from my account lol

Oh sorry, lol.

I usually don’t think of satire posts when i come on the forums, so i’ll usually forget how blatantly it’s shown to be.


ive had about 9 hackers in 3 years, 8 of them were after that feature was released and not once have i gotten a match canceled because of it :slight_smile:

dictionary > sarcasm /critic

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