Getting penalized for OW crashing?

I started a competitive game, and as soon as I clicked on my push to talk hotkey to say hello, my game crashes. I immediately close the “please submit what was wrong” without any text since I’m trying to get back as soon as possible, and reload the game. I’m then greeted with this image:

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How about give us a little more leeway to reconnect to a match before immediately going to automatic bot-bans?

edit: also I’ve held onto my level 4 endorsement level with tooth and nail for the past month and a half, and this absolutely unavoidable crap takes it away from me? please address this somehow.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately (including an automatic loss of one endorsement level). The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Per competitive leaver rules, a match cancels if a player leaves at the start of the game. This is a benefit to the remaining players in the match so that don’t have to play a man down.

What is important is to make sure that whatever caused your crash to begin with has been corrected. Your description suggests a problem with your sound drivers, but it may have been coincidence that the game crashed right when you activated your microphone. If you get the Blizzard Crash dialog again quickly record the serial number it displays (it can be selected, copy and pasted). That is a code that Blizzard can use to look up possible causes to the crash.

Otherwise check these steps if you are still crashing in your games:

Funny you prove yourself wrong in the same post you disagree with OP. The same software that tracks game crashes in Blizzard’s apps could communicate with the server to verify the reason.

Nice Necrobump…

The Game Client realizes there is an error and sends the report to Blizzard Customer Service so they have an idea on how to help you, but that is not the game server. Sorry but if you are crashing, DON’T PLAY COMP.

Why would I re-create an identical post? This system is absurdly old school and doesn’t follow any other platform offering competitive game play.

As I said, the event processor could communicate with the game server, if Blizzard are actually so keen on punishing people. There’s no argument against this.

Blizzard is keen on removing players who leave competitive games and those who disconnect or crash leave competitive games (even if not by intent). If you are ignorant to not take time to fix your issues, you are just as guilty as anyone who intentionally leaves.

DirectX errors are rarely on player-side. I’m sorry to break your bubble but instability is very often caused by an unstable application, and Blizzard is known for this, starting from Dx11 incompatibility at 2011 and onwards in WoW.

If you are having a problem with crashing, please start a separate topic and post details about that crash. I am not here to debate policy or conspiracy theories with you. The General Discussion forum is available for such.

How can you be MVP whilst going ad hominem immediately? You can’t have any experience in software dev if you claim that app-side errors in a software (that’s patched daily) are a conspiracy theory.


As this thread is from December 18th and no longer productive towards troubleshooting, we’re going to be closing it.

@ Gouca
If you are having issues with the game and want to troubleshoot then we’d recommend making your own thread. We are here on the technical forums to assist with troubleshooting. If you believe its a bug with the game itself we suggest posting on the bug report forums. If you have suggestions about the penalty system, then we recommend posting on the general forums.

One thing I would mention is that yes, if the game crashes in a way that it generates an error report, those are sent up and we can look those up. However this does not necessarily meant that it was a legitimate crash as one can easily cause the game to crash if they needed to to try to avoid a match. Just like for disconnect issues where someone can simply pull their Ethernet cable to simulate a disconnect, similar methods such as reinstalling your GPU driver while the game is running can be used. As such, there is no reliable method for differentiating between a legitimate crash and one that is forced and so these are treated the same way.