Getting massive ping spikes since ~Dec 20

I have been pretty much unable to play overwatch 2 ever since the holidays began (roughly since december 20). It seems almost every match I get put into, my ping and IND just spikes constantly, creating massive rubber banding and teleportation issues. My ping and IND is normally 50-60ms and 20ms, respectively. But these past few days, I am getting spikes in the 200-400ms range (for both ping and ind) all the time.

Overwatch is the only game that has been giving me any issues. Even other blizzard/activision titles (namely world of warcraft and warzone 2) have been perfectly fine.

The issue is not my connection. I have ran endless network tests with multiple different tools and my connection is fine. Using a VPN does not fix the issue, either.

I don’t know what to do. Are the servers just overloaded from there being so many people on during the holidays or what?

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Haven’t run into this myself. Can we see the endless network tests?

I have also had the same issue , my ping is just stuck at 200 and ive tested in other games and my ping is normal 50ms

Connections to other services aren’t a good way to test the connection. Just run a WinMTR to the Blizzard servers like the sticky says to do.

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