Getting Kicked for Wifi Cutting Out

I’m not sure what category to put this in but it is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. When queuing for competitive occasionally your wifi might cut out and the game kicks you out forcing you to lose. I think at least for placement matches, getting kicked for wifi issues should not count as a placement.

The system cannot detect if you’re disconnecting on purpose, it can only detect if the server itself is having issues.

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Just simply don’t play on Wifi, it’s unstable as hell.
Use ethernet, it’s way better.
You can keep on playing with Wifi, but then you’re putting your team at risk losing a teammate. And you know that can happen, so it’s only fair if it punishes you.

Or i misinterpeted what you meant.
Are you trying to say when your wifi cuts out during the queue that it counts as a placement?

If you’re on an unstable WIFI connection, you probably shouldn’t be playing competitive. You are having wifi issues and ruining the game for everyone else in your teams.

If a disconnecting because of wifi issues did not count as a loss people would just turn off their router whenever they were about to lose a game. I used to have an issue back in the day with my wifi and lost nearly 200 sr in 2 days. It happens just grind more.

Quite bad advice to give someone with unstable wifi, this can cost alot of matches for other players.