Getting Banned in 6v6

Dearest Overwatch Community,

Hello, My name is Broseidon and I was just UNFAIRLY BANNED FOR 2 HOURS in comp 6v6. I dced in the middle of the game and was quickly able to rejoin and finish the game with my pals. After the game, I noticed I was banned for 2 hours, which is confusing since you know I WAS ABLE TO JOIN THE GAME AGAIN. I just want answers to why I got this ban and why it was for 2 hours when this was the first occurrence of dcing during the 6v6 comp game mode.

Season 4 Diamond Player,



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Season 4 Diamond player??? It’s Season 9 duuuude!!!


Does anyone know where my father is?

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seriously… you want an “unfair” ban, try getting suspended for 2 days because 4-stacks lied in their reports because you played off-meta.

leaving a match due to any reason can result in a time-out and it’s in the rules.

the thing is I didn’t leave. I was able to rejoin the game and finished it. Yet I was still banned, I want answers

It’s most likely because you have left or been d/c from multiple games during the regular comp season, and since 6v6 is also comp, all of those penalties are cumulative.

Probably at the bar.